Monday, February 23, 2015

Sooo it was snowing all day on Monday, so we were snowed in! We weren't able to go out and work until Thursday!! Talk about cabin fever, haha we made videos, studied, did facial masks, watched the restoration, cooked, haha all the good missionary activities :)

happy p day week. 
Thursday we were finally allowed to leave, OH HAPPY DAY ALL IS WELL. we had such a solid day, I love being a missionary. We've been working with a few recent converts, getting them ready to receive the priesthood, it's so cool to know that we have the power of God here on the earth! My testimony of the
Is gospel has just grown so much, I am so grateful. I was able to study the Atonement a lot this week, which has been amazing. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. We had a cute little miracle! On Friday after planning, we were walking to an investigators, house in a complete blizzard, I wish I had pictures of how bundled we were haha so we were walking and it was just a really golden missionary moment, we got to the main road and a member drives by and picks us up and takes us to the investigators house! Soo perfect. And we had the cutest lesson with this family from Honduras, we sang the wise man and the foolish man and taught the kids the actions and everything, TOO CUTE. 
Then Friday night we had to stay inside, soooo we made Papusas :) #elsalvadorforlife
And on Saturday we went on the bus to visit this nice Hispanic-y apartment complex, and we walked around up there for three hours in the rain haha I seriously love that though, it's just a picture perfect missionary moment! 
Sunday church was cancelled! What!? Hilarious. So we just stayed in and studied some more, which was great :) 
These people here are so prepared, and so loving. I love being able to be here, and live for them. And work so hard to really try to help them, in every aspect. 
I love being a missionary.  Here's to another week!:)
Love, Hermana Eastwood 

Monday, February 16, 2015

What a fun week!

What a fun week!!
We had transfers! On tuesday morning we drove four hours to nashville,
with ten missionaries. And all their luggage. Such. A. party. Haha it
was fun! I'm sad I wish I had pictures!  It was really hard to say
good bye to paducah, I seriously love it up there, I just love my
I got my new companion, Hermana Kilgore. She's from South Jordan Utah
and has been out four months, she's soooo great I just love her! We're
getting along super well :)
Nashville is so great, is place is crawling with HISPANICS!! :) I'm
really excited to work here. The members here are the best, so nice
and willing to help us. I love this work!
It's only been nearly a week and we've already seen so many miracles!
We've invited people to be baptized, and a man named jhonny set his
own date! :) I'm really excited to be here.
It's been snowing, so all the mission has to stay inside today! All
day. Sooo weird. But we're here snuggling in our blankets :) our
heater is broken so we FREEZE at night haha.
It's really fun here we are able to ride the bus through the city and
everything, woo!
I don't really know what else to say haha other than I really love
being a missionary. It's crazy to think I'm really here living on my
own, representing Jesus Christ. What! But it's really cool..I'm really
grateful for this privilege I have.
Here's some pictures of us today:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

News From Kentucky - Feb. 2, 2015

so on Tuesday we had exchanges! I went to the English paart of Paducah wi the stil, sister hochstrasser. It was fun, weird cause I was in The same area, just did all English Work! Which is actually cool cause English work is one of my biggest fears! It was really awesome, to be able to say I know God was helping me to do his work. :)
On Thursday we were able to go with our ward mission leader to give one of our investigators a blessing, it was so cool! I am so grateful for the priesthood, it's amazing how we really have Gods power here on earth, to help and heal others, I am so grateful for all I am learning on my mission. 
On Saturday we gave a training at the stake women's conference, on scripture study! It was really cool, Ive realized this week more and more of how much of a blessing it is to serve a mission, I get to dedicate allll I have, to the one who gave me all. All my time goes into helping Him, reach His children. I am grateful I get so much time to study his word, and to strengthen my testimony, and share it! 
I have a long ways to go, but I have come a long way. 
MIRACLE : Ernesto came to church. AGAIN. 
we hadnt been able to meet with him all week, and we went over on saturday to remind him to come and he wasnt there. so we called him. and i talked to him and everything and he said he couldnt cause he got a job and had to drive 1.5 hours there and back each day. so we were like dang sad, we still prayed that he'd be able to go. and then comes sunday and we're sitting there and theyre about to start the sacrament hymn, and HE WALKS IN!! super casually too-like it was no biggy! so funny. i just looked at him with wide-eyes and i was like, en serio. it was COOL! after the meeting we talked, and he said 'i came because i had a dream!' 
His dream: him and i were in mexico, and i had called him and told him i was going to church, and so he left work and came to church with me.
so when he woke up, he called and told his work he's gonna go later, and he came to church! IT WAS SOOOO COOOOOLLL!!!!! 
anyways that was fun (: i really believe he can get baptized soon, we are praying for an inspired date. he wants to, he knows it's true, he reads the Book of Mormon and feels the spirit, but feels like he needs to know more. We're working really hard, I have a lot of faith in him. I know all things happen according to gods will :)
2 Corinthians 5:7
I am so happy to be a missionary! I love my Savior, and I'm so grateful for what He did for me, and for all I can do with Him. I know our Father in Heaven knows every one of us individually, and He CARES and listens to us. I know all we have to do it show him our faith and he will help us through everything. 
It's not easy, but I am so happy I am serving my mission :)

-Hermana eastwood :) 

Fun facts: -apparently paducah is famous for quilts! We went to the national quilt museum today, IT WAS SO COOL PEOPLE ARE SO COOL. And I am a nerd.
-During a super spiritual lesson this week, a cockroach jumped onto my libro and I through it across the room.....I'm repenting.
*One guy said, heyyyy are yall talking about Jesus? I have to go brush my teeth for my date. 
*But anothe guy, kinda crazy, but super cool! His fat cat ran out and we saved him so that's how he started talking to us, we gave him a pamphlet and he was really nice, and said we're awesome! Hermana LaPine is convinced he's mormon.. He texted us saying he's so excited to read the pamphlet, haha I swear the elders are going to baptize him :) 
*but we actually knocked into a member last week, and it was super awkward.we introduced ourselves and  He's like, I know I see yall every week. was really awkward, but as a missionary, or at least as hermana eastwood, you learn to embrace the awkwardness and just own it :)