Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A donde me mandares iré

Sooooo Funny story.. I had this email all written out, and then
WHOOOPS I DELETED IT. sorry. Haha la vida.
So I'll start over and write it for five minutes haha
This week was great! Merry christmas! Skype was so fun I LOVE MY FAMILY.:):):):)
We had exchanges on Monday, and I went to buena vista with Hermana
smith! It was fun to be back with my trainer again :) haha it was also
cool to be in a different area. Which leads me to this next point:
I'm getting transferred to KENTUCKY!!!!! What! I leave tomorrow, and
I'm really excited. I'm really sad to leave the BORO!!!! I've LOVED my
time here, I am so grateful. The members are awesome, and such good
examples to me. And I've loved being able to serve with the
missionaries here. I love my mission. :) one member told me I will
always have a family here. AWWW my little heart couldn't take that! I
am happy I can confidently say I've done all I could here, and I
worked my hardest, #borochildforlife
Weeelllllpppp, I don't know what to say. Haha awkward I forgot what I
said in my other email I deleted. Sad! It's fine though.
I know this is the Lords work, and He leads it. I know I've done all I
could here in Murfreesboro, and now I know I have purpose to be in
Kentucky. I know He will help me, and I am so grateful to be a part of
His work!
I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!:) I remember one year after
EFY or something I made a goal to read the scriptures every day....5
years later, I'm doing it! Haha just goes to show we can always
improve, and never give up!:)
Hermana Eastwood

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

k this week was SUPER GOOD!!
on monday night, we had a family home evening that the missionaries were in charge of. we watched joy to the world and ate cake and nachos-which we got all the leftovers soooo, party at our apartment;) it was really good though, we had a lot of less active families come! and some investigators! holla for christmas! hermano Kaelberer and i were leading everyone to sing christmas carols, but no one would sing, so basically we sang duets in front of everyone for 30 minutes, he's such a bro. :)
this week was full of miracles! 
for one, i was really sick all week. but we kept working! and boyyy did we work! we got things DONE! we had so many successful days, and hours of knocking!! two days, tuesday and saturday, every single door we knocked, (except one, both days...but sshh) was hispanic! this does not happen people! it was amazing! we were able to share messages about the restoration, and He Is the Gift. and the cool thing was, people have started to hear about the video and watch it!! :) 
this is a shorty email but it was a really good week-and i am so happy to be a missionary! and to be an hermana :) i am so grateful to be a member of this church, and to know i am a daughter of a loving Heavenl Father. i know he helps us in every aspect of our lives, and i know he listens to our prayers and answers us:)
fun facts: -sometimes in tennessee you see crazy ladies standing in the middle of the road, looking at the sky and talking to spirits...its fine.
-sometimes you go over to a members house from spain and you expect fish, but her roommate makes you curry and then you smell like curry for the rest of the night.:) but then you get to teach him the restoration and its really good:)

i wish you guys a very merry christmas!!!!!!(: mi familiaaa i can hardly wait to talk to you guys:)
hermana eastwood:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Cute Little Miracle, Dec. 15, 2014

Hey YALL!!
Here's to another week!
Here's a cute little miracle, we actually knocked into a Hispanic! Super rare my friends. It was great, we were knocking down a street, and I felt like we should turn right, so we did and no luck..then I just felt like we should knock this one house! And turns out it was the only Hispanic on the entire street!
Miracle number two: Our investigator read!! He studied ether 12 in the Book of Mormon! It was amazing. He asked if we could read it with him, so he could understand more. We know he feels the spirit, he just has a hard time talking and telling us what he's thinking, but he's on the right track! :)
Funny story of the week: We had a fun time this week as our car was broken Into! Haha no big deal! They stole our gas card, soo awkwardly we had no gas for our car haha but it was all good, it was just funny we had to file a police report and everything. Who would've thought as a missionary I'd have to do that!?;) 
We had zone conference on Friday, and had awesome trainings by president and sister Anderson, and elder Renlund from the quorum of the seventy! I learned so much, and received so many answers. Our areas are never dead! Keep working, praying and trusting He is helping us, guiding us and preparing people for us to meet and share His gospel. 
We are all as successful as we are committed to do His will. D&C4:2 with all our heart:) 
It amazes me how if we pray to have our eyes opened, we can see Him working miracles each and everyday. We can have our prayers answered and feel his love and light. I am so grateful for this gospel! I know God has a plan for us all, and I know he loves each and everyone of us:) I know he watches over us. and is eager to help us and bless us, as we obey and turn our will over to Him :) 
I hope you all have a happy week! 
Con amoooorr, 
Hermana eastwood :) 

Monday, December 8, 2014

"This Gospel Is Beautiful"

this week has been really good.(with a lot of blonde moments..its fine. good stories right?) 
we were able to teach and meet a lot of people, and share the He is the gift video. its amazing, how much that video can soften hearts. FELIZ NAVIDAD!

I LOVE FAST SUNDAYS! i've been praying for help to be more bold and confident, and ive noticed the Lord helping me. i was able to bear my testimony yesterday.
on monday night, we knocked into some..interesting people. they were Jews, and trying to literally murder us with their words and Bible. welcome to the bible belt;)  the spirit was telling me the whole lesson that we needed to leave, so after almost an hour of bashing on Joseph Smith and every single thing we believe in, and Obama, what? i stood up, testified, and left. Hermana Orellana said she didnt even know who i was! she said it was a moment like when Joseph Smith was in the jail and stood up and said 'either you or i die this instant'. its fine. haha it was just a craazy moment.

somehow i have a year left of my mission! i dont know how that just happened. but its been such a good experience so far, and i am excited to have a year left to Serve my Lord. 
i burned tights with my hna, for her 9 month mark and my 6 months. but the video doesnt work soo sorrryyyy. 
but, ive realized how grateful i am to be here. to be able to give all my time and energy focusing on spreading the good word of the Lord:) i am so happy to be able to study each morning, and grow closer to him, and try harder every day to be better and better. He is amazing, and i am so grateful for all Hes done for me, and everybody. i know he helps us so much, and he knows us all perfectly.
THIS GOSPEL IS BEAUTIFUL. i am so grateful for the example of my friends serving, or who have already served. i am so grateful to you, dad, for your service, and your encouragement to me. you always know what to say, and you help me know i can do this. i am grateful for you spencer, for your having served a mission, and for your friendship. youre the best. and parker, well youre just the bomb. im grateful that in every email, you tell me how much of an example i am to you, bro youre an example to ME. you help me keep going, and you give me motivation to keep working, i love you so much. and my dear mama, youre my home girl and i worship you. thank you for all you do for me, YOU ALL JUST MEAN SO MUCH TO ME OKAY?!:))

on friday night we had one of our members come out with us, and we were on bikes. so we had about 4 solid appointments and some awesome back ups. so one by one, then all fell through. we were riding our bikes back and forth all over town. in the pouring rain. one might get discouraged and hate their life, but it was the best. we both knew we were doing all we could, and trying our hardest. i know GOd sees all our efforts:) we were singing christmas carols in the rain:)

so can i close with my blonde moment one thatll go in the books? k LISTOS?!
our phone has been freaking out for like 2 weeks now, with the clock changing times and what not. so sunday morning, the alarm went off at 6:30 so i got up and showerd, and then so did hermana. afterwards, i was gonna go study early cause i was like YEAAHHH KILLER im gonna study the book of mormon so hard right now. so, yeah i was studying. and i was like this is so weird, my ipad and my watch both say 1:30, weird i better change it back to 7:30. so i did and kept studying. and i looked outside, and it was so dark! "it must be a sign for the second coming!" i thought.
then its almost 8, and hermana orellana says, hermana why do all the clocks say its almost 2 am? and i said, i dont know hermana all the clocks stopped! its so weird! also look i think Jesus is coming because its so dark outside! 
so. we went back to sleep until it was really 6:30 and...well yeah that was my night.
it was the the kinda thing that happens that you think youre gonna laugh about it later...
ehh i laughed right then. haha it was 1 am okay?! i get weird at night...

ps i bought a roll of cookie dough this week so that just makes everything better. S/O to spencer for christmas last year;)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Havin' A Ball In Nashville, Y'all!

So fun fact, I'm in NASHVILLE!! it's been so fun, and I've taken lots of pix, but on my camera, and so I will have to send them another time:) but it's been amazing, it's so fun. There's a boot store every other store I swear.
But I love YALL so much, I can hardly wait to TAKE YOU ALL HERE TO NASHVILLE CAUSE ITS THE GREATEST!!! Seriously YALL would love it, cause there's so much fun music and bands and stuff. Holla. 
Yesterday we painted our investigators house it was so fun! And snuck in some lessons, and got fed Taco Bell....what more could a missionary ask for?:)
We had a good week with lots of tracting, and funny stories,  and finding Hispanics!(yes!) definitely have potential, and I'm praying so hard I'll be able to be the instrument and missionary God needs to make miracles happen, and shine the light of the gospel into these people's lives. 
I've thought a lot lately of how grateful I am. For my mission, and for this gospel and for my family. There is so much I have to be grateful for. I'm grateful i am on a mission, to be able to not think of myself. And think so much about others and to serve and help them. This gospel is so good, and I'm grateful to be able to see changes happen, in members, investigators, and myself. God is good.
Happy thanksgiving fools!  

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Fun thing that happened: at district meeting I said the closing prayer, in Spanish of course, and one of the elders said, "dang Hispanics talk fast!"
I died, best compliment of my life. Haha
This has been a great week, very weird. Like each one. Haha I was reeeeally weird, like super pumped about the work and really sensitive and I was a weird cry baby, but just cause I was realizing how much I love these people, and I love being able to do nothing but serve and help.

Anyways random sorry. My emails are the worst sorry!
Our zone had a goal of getting 80 member presents, that was about 5 per companionship. we worked so hard, we got 8!!!! Miracle!!!!! And as a zone, we got 100! That's a record! It's so great cause we know the
difference it makes, to every one. As missionaries, for the
investigators, and for the members. Sharing the gospel and our
testimonies really strengthens our testimony and helps us grow closer
to our father in heaven. Which is our goal:)

We're starting a new transfer this week, and hma orellana and I are
staying! I'm ready to work hArD and SERVE.
I know I am in the work of the Lord.
I know I am doing all I can, and I trust that the spirit will carry
the happiness of the gospel we share, into hearts:)
I've learned a mission is more than NUMBERS. I've realized that over
and over again. It's about love. Loving your companion. Serving your
companion. Loving the members, strengthening them. Serving them. Being
christ like, I say this always, but just always thinking and trying to
do exactly as He would do.

It's insane that (me, Paige Eastwood,) I am representing him, but I am
so grateful, it has changed me and helped me to become a better
person. I am so glad, and so excited to see who I will become :) I
know I am in his hands, and am being guided by him.
I know we can't reach our full potential without his help. He is
always inviting us to lean on him for strength.
Dios les bendiga
Hermana Eastwood :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

we had an awesome Zone meeting this week, with really good trainings. It inspired me to want to be even more obedient and diligent in my work, i want to be able to be home and say i worked. hard.
its so crazy this is the last week of the transfer! i really hope i stay here, with hma orellana:) but i know what ever happens, will be whats supposed to happen. i know god has a will for me to do, and a will for this mission and this area. i am trusting that i will be where i am supposed to be.
The little things matter! There are miracles every day, if we look for them :) 
Here are some of the miracles I saw this week:
1.we were in a lesson, and our investigator wouldn't pray...we got on our knees and stayed there for 15 minutes, and he prayed!!!! Talk about Persistence haha 
2.our English class students asked US if we could read the Book of Mormon for class:) they're going back to Guatemala next week I AM SO SAD. My missionary friends over there need to get on them :) 
3.*Favorite.* A few months ago with Hermana smith we met a lady at the gas station, she saw us filling up our bike tires. She said she'd bring us a pump, and we could meet her at the church that night.....she wasn't there. So a few weeks later we saw her at a different gas station! And she gave us the pump, (she had kept it in her car for us haha) and we gave her a card with Jesus on it :) then, this week, we were knocking and she opened the door!! I was like what?! There's no coincidence that our paths crossed three times. We had a good lesson with her, and it was just a great miracle ok?:) we sent her as a referral for the elders, I was so happy to see her again:) 

i am so grateful for my mission so far, the hard parts, and the good parts, i am so grateful. I've realized that us as missionaries don't always see the difference we're making, but I know when we work hard, we are making a difference.  i love being here, not thinking about myself, and just focusing on others. Focusing on this area, our investigators, the members, the less actives, our neighbors, missionaries, and my companion. It feels so good to be able to represent Jesus Christ. To be able to think of every situation I'm in, what he would do. That thought inspires me to do all I can, and to be the best I can. 
This week my testimony of the Book of Mormon had grown a lot. when we really sincerely pray, and search for answers-we receive them. its so amazing how we can truly liken all the scriptures to our lives so specifically.
I'm so grateful!
K bye.
Ps we went to gr8 clips so my hma could get her haircut. HOLLA at u mom.
Ps spencer I heard a song from Taylor swifts cd. S/o to your girly side and your obsession with her.

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

sikee no one says that.
so hey!! 
this week was weird, we tracted a lot! and found a couple new potentials, so we're crossing our fingers!!:)
we worked really hard this week! last night it was cool, we had knocked for almost an hour, (an hour every day is what president asks us) and we were gonna go back and visit our investigator ariel, but then i was like wait lets do this house first. and we did and they were from El Salvador!! and they were the only hispanic people we knocked into the whole day! so it was SO COOL. #miraclesfordays
this week i tried tacos de lengua this week-SO DELICOUS! go buy some cow tongue now and try it:)
saturday was SO COOLLD!! it was the byu vs mtsu game sooo holla! it was really cool cause we got to see so many byu fans, and they recognized us! it was like i was serving in utah or something?! lol. fun story: we went to our ward mission leaders house for dinner. yummmyyy... he made us expired tuna and instead of mayo he used expired greek yogurt.
we went to hardees (tennessee's carls junior!) and all these byu fans were there and bought us dinner! seriously when did tennessee become utah?! haha nahh only byu. 
today we got to go to nashville to the opry mills mall with some members. IT. IS. SO. BIG. holy cow. you better believe i hit the rocky mountain chocolate factory:)

fast sunday is theee best! always. i love being here in this branch, because these members are so strong! each sunday they go up and bear their testimonies-theyre so faithful. they really strengthen my testimony as well. 
we got to go to a service for the church of christ, but only for like 30 minutes, but it was cool. and weird. its really cool to be around so many different churches here in the south!
we had a really cool lesson this week, with a man who is Pentecostal. so he knew his bible REALLY WELL. and we were teaching him the restoration, and all he was doing was spitting our bible verses and i was like broooo. it was super crazy to say the least. but one thing i loved about that lesson, was that i knew without a doubt that this is the true church.
this guy said no church is perfect. it hurt my heart it was so weird?! thats the moment i knew, and i know with all of me, that this is the only true and perfect church on the earth. i know Jesus Christ established it, so of course it's perfect. i know God answers our prayers, if we, like Joseph Smith, pray with real intent and a sincere heart, God will give us the answers we need.
con amor,
hermana eastwood

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

this week we went on surprise exchanges! hermana holman came here and hermana orellana went to buena vista with hermana smith! 
it was really fun-hermana holman sure taught me alot.
 i can tell i am improving, and honestly my testimony is growing so much, i love being out here i am so grateful i have this opportunity, and i am so grateful for my calling.
this branch is amazing, i am so thankful for their examples to me. they just put God first, and have faith that if they do as they should, everything will work out. 

we met this guy named david a few weeks ago, and we went back to teach him and met pedro, then went back to teach him and met jorge, then went back to teach him and met erica! 
so basically, we're gonna teach that whole household its no biggy:)
but its really cool, cause erica is 11, and the men are older (her dad and cousins/uncles), & theyre really strong in their own religion, but every time we talk to them they are very interested, and i think that we've crossed paths for a reason. i am excited to be able to teach them and im going to work very hard to help them in everything they need.

last night was really cool, the Boro ( cool. its fine haha) had a fireside for the youth! and the Nashville Tribute Band came! (i had never heard of them before my mission, but they sing songs to bear their testimony and the missionaries can have their music for free. and everyone in TN is obsessed with them.. theyre actually really cool!)

so we got to go! and we brought our investigator Ariel, (parker would be best friends with him. hes this 25 yr old from guatemala! haha but yeah i can just see them being so tight.(PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY S/O) )
anyways. so we went to the fireside and watched them play. and for like half the concert they had allll the missionaries go up and sing with them!! it was so cool!!! all the parents and some of the future missionaries and youth were crying! it was so cool. the spirit was so strong. i hadnt realized how much of an impact i have as a  missionary. it was a really cool moment.

this gospel is so good, and its amazing how much everyones lives are touched by the spirit. i am so glad to be a missionary, and to have the opportunity to see the gospel work in the lives of others, to see the impact and how much it means to others, and to see my gratitude grow. i am so grateful to be here, i am learning so much.i am testifying as best as i can, and i know no effort is wasted-i am trying to help people in any way they need, cause i know thats what Christ would do. 
i am grateful to be able to grow so much closer to him and learn about him and strive to follow his example. its amazing to me that he trusts me, with all my faults and weaknesses, to be his representative and to preach his gospel to his children. 

i know everything happens for a reason. and we need not question God. i know we can pray to him for the strength we need, and i know he is watching out for us. i know we can do all we are asked, when we turn to him and put our trust in him. i know he loves us all.
TENNESSEE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. the leaves are amazing and it is so fun to ride our bikes down the road and see how pretty it is(: 

happy fall and happy halloween!(:
con amor(:

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

hi everyone!!
this week was awesome!
monday night we had a tornado warning!! what?! so we couldnt go out and work, it was a bummer cause i was excited haha but just an extended Pday its fine?!
tuesday we had interviews with president, and had some awesome trainings by the asistants!!
we had  a pretty good week, lots of lessons, we've met a lot of cool people too, i have faith in them and i believe we will make miracles!!(:
david archuleta came and talk/SANG to us!
we had a surprise mission wide meeting last night in nashville, and he was in nashville to do his music!
what?! so he came to our meeting, and sang us a couple songs! his voice is an angel first of all its fine. haha but he told us stories of his mission and how he got there and all he learned, and his testimony. it was amazing. he is so humble! it was so great to hear about his mission, and how much it meant to him. 
we talked about music, surprise? but it was so cool to sing with all the missionaries, we sang probably 4 songs to try to bring the spirit, and holy cow! the spirit was so strong! i felt so happy to be a missionary! i couldnt stop smiling and i was singing so loud, everyone around me, their ears probably hurt cause i sound bad haha but i was just so happy to be here, and to feel the spirit(: its amazing how much music can affect us, and has the power to bring the spirit.
David Archuleta said that one of the attributes of christ we should strive to have, is virtue. i didnt think about that. i always think about patience, obedience, faith, love and charity.
but virtue! that got me thinking. 
our lives on earth is to strive to become like christ, we can't do that if we dont have the spirit with us. we cant have the spirit if we dont have clean thoughts.
like D&C 121:45
we need to strive to have virtuous thoughts always, and then we will be able to be more christ like, AND have the power to over come anything, cause we'll have his strength to help us though.

i am so grateful to be a missionary!! i know i am in the work of the Lord, and he is guiding it.
i love you all! have a great week!!(:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 12, 2014

hey yall! hows it goooiiinnn
transfers were this week! mynew sweet companion is hermana Orellana, shes from Mexico and is the biggest sweetheart! she is so kind and loving, and we are getting along very well. i love her so much! we are going to have an awesome transfer together!
one funny thing that happened this week, i went to a Guatemalan party! haha we were going to our friend Ariel's house to invite him to church, and what HUGE FIESTA! so we got to eat tacos and chat with some of our friends, besides the fact that they were a little borracho, they said they'd come to church!! buttt,,,, sad day when they did not. but still it was just a hit.
we've been super diligent in our tracting this week,and we met some really awesome people!
it amazes me how hard people work, and i love the members in my branch here because they work so hard, and they rely on the lord for everything. they know if they put god first, they will be okay. i think this is an attitude we all need to have, to trust in the lord with everything, and believe it will all work out the way its supposed to.
yesterday was fast sunday, and i love it here in this branch because the testimonies of my friends here are so strong! one lady was saying how she was so grateful for one more day, one more month to bear her testimony. that got me thinking. how grateful i am to have that opportunity EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE. as a missionary, i have the opportunity to bear my testimony all day everyday. i get to share the reason for my happiness, the reason for my comfort, and my confidence. the reason i know we can all get through this life, because we have a loving Savior who knows and loves us perfectly, and through him we can become perfect, and live with our families forever. 
we as members of the church have the blessing of knowing the restored gospel of Jesus christ, and by having this knowledge, we also have the blessing to share it. i encourage you all to share your testimony in as many aspects as possible. we are members of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. at baptism we covenanted to take his name upon ourselves. we should show christ like love to all we come in contact with. 
hah i know this is cheesy, but the question, "what would jesus do?" is always in my head. its really cool too! i think, jesus would help that woman put groceries in her car, jesus would help that man clean up his yard, jesus would talk to that person.
i love you all very very much, and i hope all is going well in all your lives:)
seguir adelante con la fe
con amor,
hermana eastwood

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hey guys!! It's been raining all day it's so so fun:) cute fall day.
We had Weird week this week, as usual! Hahah the work is going so great, I love the Hispanic people they are so fun! And crazy, and loving. Feels right at home;) 
One random thing that happened, We went over to teach our friend Minerva, who has a baptismal date and she's such a cutie :), but we found out she moved! :( so we're gonna find her new address and send it as a referral to the missionaries in Nashville, so we were sad, but it's okay cause now like 4 men live in that house! We can teach them, miracle in the making?
We met some good potentials, I have faith that God is leading us to those who are ready, and he's preparing them, and me to be able to teach them :) 
TRAINING IS OVER! I made it! HOLLA!!!!! Hermana smith is leaving, she's going to be a sister training leader SO COOL, and I am staying in Murfreesboro! My new companion is Hermana orellana, I am so pumped!! I know God is working in this, and it will all work out if I keep trying, I am excited to work with hma orellana, we will do miracles :) 
Conference was SO good no?!
The last session, we had 4 investigators come! WOO!! And, MIRACLE, we set a date with one of them! Our friend Josue and his uncle Lionel, from Honduras. I am excited to teach them all the lessons and get them one step closer to Heavenly Father and eternal life.
Conference this weekend really made me take a step back. I am so grateful for this gospel. I am so grateful to have the knowledge that Jesus Christ, our savior, is leading us in this day, he loves us so much, he speaks to us through his prophet Thomas s Monson. It's so happy to tell people that and teach them! No matter how scary missionary work is, when I take a step back and think about it, OF COURSE ITS WORTH IT. As Missionaries we are bringing the happiest message to these people, that they are not alone, the have their savior with them always, and by acting on their faith, with our help, they can make the choices and changes so they can have salvation and eternal happiness with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and their families.

One thing I loved about conference this time, is this thought that came into my mind a million times:
I want to be just like Jesus. 
I want to be as humble as he is, as helping, as loving, as everything as he is!
How blessed we are to have him as our perfect example to follow, and how blessed we are to have the scriptures in our hands, to learn of him and to grow closer to him. As I learn more of him, I love him more and my gratitude grows. I know he knows us individually and I believe he loves us more than we can imagine, he wants us to do our best, and he is with us every step of the way helping us, he will never leave us alone. It's so comforting and happy, I am very grateful I have this time to dedicate my life to him and his gospel, and to share this happy message with those who need it.
We all should strive everyday to Become more like Christ :)

I love you all! Peace out from Tennessee :)
Hermana Eastwood

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

this week was GREAT!!!!
we set 3 baptismal dates!!!
one with juan carlos-we reset it :) HAPPY!
and one with Marivel-shes a doll!!! shes like 22 and from Belize. and shes such a cutieee!!!
we taught her about prophets and the book of mormon like 3 weeks ago, and havent been able to meet with her since! and on tuesday, we were just gonna stop by to set up an appointment for another day, but then we were able to have a lesson! we taught the restoration, and she wants to be baptized!!! it was soooo cool! i felt so happy! heres a selfie of us after we told president ;)
and the next one is with Minerva-i met her on the street on exchanges! we went over and taught the restoration, and she wants to be baptized as well!
it was such a happpy week! all dates are in november and i am so happy!!(:

we met a lot of nice people this week too.
i just have such a strong testimony of prayer and enduring to the end!!
i know god hears our prayers, and knows our struggles. i know he is helping us, even when we feel alone.
i know in his own time we will recognize the blessings we have, and see his hand in our lives.
i am so happy to be here!!!
this is the last week of transfers, then im out of training!!! yay! i am so excited to see how much ive learned and to do this!! (:
we get to watch meet the mormons tomorrow hehe yay!
its still hot here, but the leaves are changing and its so pretty! cant believe its like 90 degrees and its almost OCTOBER! weird!!
we were able to go to an Olive Branch Baptist church on saturday-OH MY. best thing ever haha
there were baptisms, singing, and baby dedications. crazy. but so fun.
life over here in tennessee is pretty good!
its coming along, and spanish is so fun!
love you all, cant wait for conference!!! tell me your favorite talks okay?:)
con amor,
hermana eastwood (:

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

this week was good, we had exchanges on thursday! it was so great! Hermana Jensen is  A DOLL! she's going home in a few weeks, and she taught me so much.
I've learned i need to take this moment by moment, work hard, but also enjoy it! laugh! smile! yeah.

i’m still very afraid of knocking, but I'm glad i endured this week! we met so many awesome people! todo van a ser bautizado!!!

:) seriously though, i am excited for this week, to go back and visit them and teach my little heart out! and i am excited to meet more people this week too. Imma work so hard!
i had a fun experience, we were at the door of one of our investigators, we were gonna set up a date with him and everything!(saturday) and he wasn't home, so we were waiting for a bit. then he called us, (he's in North Carolina) and Hermana Smith talked to him, cause she can understand phone spanish better than me haha) so while she was on the phone, hermano kaelberer and i were chatting, and then i saw a guy so i walked over and talked to him! WHAT! (i was scared but did it (: ) and we were talking and he was like i wanna go to church! and i was like well perfect thats what we’re here to do. so we gave him a pamphlet and the address and our phone number and everything, and it was an amazing contact! and i felt so good, cause we have the church and he has been looking for it, and the cool thing is, he didn't even live there! talk about right place right time!
and earlier that day i had been talking to hermano kaelberer (ward mission leader) about how i have been so shy on my mission. and after this contact, he was like HERMANA EASTWOOD great job tonight! you did so good and you had an amazing contact.
i seriously wanted to cry! it was so nice, and just what i needed to hear:)

then after we had about 20 minutes before we could go home, so we went to kroger to tract! and we played an ‘i dare you’ game and when we see people we dare each other to talk to them. i was so scared! but i did it, and i am grateful because i had fun and we talked to nice people, no hispanics though haha we need to go to a mexican gas station next time :)
im pumped cause we’re gonna go get ice cream today, cause its half off somewhere haha fun fact for ya ;)

we have about 2 weeks left of this transfer, and im determined to work so hard!
we have a few people who can be baptized, we just need to meet with them and get them to commit! i know if i work hard, and have faith in the lord, i will have the confidence to do what i need to do, and they will be able to know the truth. i get nervous when thinking of inviting them to be baptized, but i know i shouldn't. baptism is the door to eternal life! to happiness! to being able to live with our families, and our HEAVENLY FATHER once again! its so happy!
i had some humbling experiences this week-i cant use a lot of details cause confidentiality and what not:)
but there is always so much to worry about, sometimes we forget about what others are going through.

as much as we pray for ourselves and our own safety, success, and happiness, we should [pray for that for others as well. i’ve learned, especially being a missionary, as much as i want something for myself, i should think of others first. i should want it for them MORE.
i want to be with my family forever, i am here helping others realize they want that too, and HOW they can get it! i want to be happy, and i am here sharing the gospel, the way to everlasting happiness, with those who dont have it!

thank you for your prayers, i can feel it. i know i couldn't do this alone, without the help of our father in heaven. i am so grateful for the power of prayer, and that he knows us perfectly. i know if we try our best, we will be blessed by his help for our efforts :) we are never alone!
love you all, have a great happy week! :)
con amor,

hermana eastwood:)

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th, 2014

this week was goood, its getting cooler here so holla! haha i can see my spanish improving a lot, still got a long ways to go, but i know i can do it! i have the lord on my side :) (<—thats what the mission president said to me my first Pday here, so i’ve kept that in mind ever since :) )
hes the one we set a baptismal date with my first 2 weeks here!
and we told him a few weeks ago he needs to get married, and we were finally able to meet with his woman, sofia! and they talkedabout marriage, and we’re like hey we can help!
haha so we’re so happy! he finally came to church!
its cool, cause hma smith wanted to give up on him, but i had faith and felt that we shouldnt give up just yet. HEY good thing we didnt, cause looky! miracle! he came and we were so happy, and he liked it! :) i have faith that he and sofia will get married, and he will get baptized, and we will also be able to convert sofia  (catholic) and it will be a whole family of happiness YAY!:)
we went to the temple this friday, it was absolutely amazing and perfect timing!
i have had a hard time this week, because i just havent been feeling very good about myself, cause i havent been feeling loved.

But, at the temple, i just felt an overwhelming feeling of the Lord’s love for me, and it really just changed everything. i know whenever we are sad, we can turn to him and if we are patient, in his own timing he will help  us. all we need to do is keep the faith, and show our trust in him. Give our Will’s up, and do His. he knows better than any of us what is best, and we need to trust him :)
this week, is finally my first exchange, im excited! ill be staying in my area, so im nervous, but i trust that god knows what he’s doing, and i’ll be able to do it :)
i am also determined to be so diligent at knocking this week!
this literally freaks me out like nothing else-i have no idea why also! its just talking to people inviting them to salvation and whatnot…no biggy. but its just super scary and i am determined to LOVE it and to keep trying, and not give up-even when i feel awkward. its fine haha.
we met some cool people this week, and had some really good lessons.
my favorite is teaching about the Atonement, because the spirit is always so strong, and i know im in the right place, doing what im supposed to be doing.
i hope everyone has the happiest week ever!
remember Christ knows exactly how we feel at all times, and when  we reach out to him, i know he will bless us with the comfort and strength we need, if we are patient and trusting :)
con amor,

hermana eastwood

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

so weird week, not too exciting. i dont know what to say. haha saturday my trainer was a bridesmaid in a wedding for her recent convert! so we roadtripped up to nashville!
there were 4 hermanas and 2 elders in the wedding!
so i got to hang out with everyones companions, while our companions were all in the wedding! it was so fun to get to know other hermanas, and to talk about missionary work and to get motivated and advice and stuff(: elder spiker, was in the wedding! holla! i remember when we were in 9th grade we were office aides together, haha now we’re serving the lord together, in spanish!(: he’s doing awesome!!
this week we had the car and had to fix a bunch of things on it, (for whatever reason we always have problems ha a) so that cut into our missionary time!!

we went tracting and met this lady named esperanza-shes so cute! shes like i wanna come to church!! and so we are gonna go back this week and teach her and shes gonna get baptized :)
we had zone conference on wednesday!! it was so good! we learned about the power of prayer, the atonement, integrity, and our power and authority. it was so motivating! i got so pumped to go out and work!!!!!
that night, we were at dinner at a members house (what!? thats a first, no just kidding hah) and the mom was not being too nice to me about my spanish, and i felt so bad! especially since earlier that day i was so motivated and pumped to be a missionary!
i realized fast it was satan, he could tell i was doing okay, so he hit me again!
i prayed so hard and i just realized i am so much stronger than him, we all are! we can overcome anything, through prayer and having faith not only in ourselves but in our heavenly father, and our savior jesus christ.
i know through praying to our heavenly father we can receive strength. HE LOVES US SO MUCH. he knows exactly what we go through, and he is there to help. i am so grateful i know i have a loving father on earth (S/O DADDY YOU ROCK!) and in heaven.

i am so grateful i have the gospel in my life, i’ve seen it bless me so much, and i am SO GRATEFUL to know i can be with my sweet sweet family for ever and ever! knowing that, makes it easier to be away from them for 18 months. i dont know what i would do if i thought we couldnt be an eternal family. thats why i am on my mission, to bring this happiness to those who dont know! this gospel brings me happiness even when im sad or feeling like a terrible missionary, and knowing there is a way to happiness, motivates me to keep going, to share my happiness~!
i feel like i say that always, but its true!(:
its whatever.
i don’t really know what to say now…
im thankful to be in a place where i can hit taco bell whenver—doritos locos for dayysss!!!
shoot i remembered i need to email my president, hah so this is all!

love you guys!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hola amigos!
This week was preeetty cool it rained a ton! Haha I don’t know what to
say in these emails cause I forget everything. We have zone conference
this Wednesday, get to drive through Nashville YAY! And were gonna do
my first exchange on Friday yikes! Haha nah it’s chill. I gave a talk
yesterday and it was good! Hana in Spanish what!? Everyone said I did
good, and I’m very grateful. They’re so nice.
My Spanish is really improving I can tell! I’m speaking up a lot more
and getting more comfortable every day:)

We had two homies come to church yesterday! Euguino and vicente ,
(somehow it took us 7 weekdays to realize his name is Eugine in
English.. Haha no idea how it took so long for that, but it was a
happy time haha k random by sorry)
But they’re awesome!
We have a bunch of friends! (Investigators). And today the branch is
having a party cause #diadetrabajo and so we invited all our friends
to come and play futbol! WE GET TO WEAR PANTS.  Yes. And all our
friends love futbol so they’ll all come and make friends then they’ll
come to church :) hehe yay.

We met some cool people this week, and just hearing how much they open
up to us at the first visit, really strengthens my testimony on how I
have the spirit, and am representing Christ.

I really just want to help these people. Honestly. I want to help them
find the happiness I have through this gospel. Because I know I can be
with my family forever, and that is so comforting. (CAUSE I LOVE YOU
GUYS YALL ARE MY ROCK-seriously though, where would I be without you
guys? ) I want others to know that too. I want to let them know how
they should live their life, and that it’s not hard to keep the
commandments when you look at the big picture. I mean it’s always
hard, cause satans cray, but I know if we pray for strength, not for
no temptations, we can do it! (:

Imma go play futbol now YAY! Happy Labor Day!(:

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hi guys!
This week was crazy. Haha first of all fun fact I ate lamb on Tuesday:)
Secondly, on Wednesday we had interviews with the president and holy
cow that was awesome! He and his wife are so inspired, i loved
talking with them, they helped me a ton!
Thursday I gave my first training in district meeting, SCARY! Haha i
was told I did well, but idkkkk….I’m glad it’s over, until next time

Also I’m giving a talk this Sunday :) HOLLA @ Spanish! Tight.
Also our car broke this week! #1stworldprobs so we rode bikes, which I
LOVE, more than the car, but my companion hates it so she wasn’t too
happy haha. But Tuesday night our car got possessed likeee legit and
so we rode our bikes. And took it into the shop on Wednesday, which
MIRACLE! K awesome, it has to do with prayer.

We were driving to the mechanic, and our car freaked out. We were on
the side of the rode, and then it worked again. So we went on the main
rode, and awkward it stopped working in the middle! So it was
sketchy…haha but then we said a prayer that we would make it to the
Toyota parking lot safely. So after the prayer, we sat for a bit, then
yolo’d and started driving again. It was windy and rainy. And so we
were .2 miles away. And I was gonna get out and push it through the
intersection! Haha but it worked! So we made it and turned left
through the intersection, and literally barely made it into the
parking lot. Then it died, for good. IT WAS SO COOL. our prayer was
answered, so specifically! We made it into the parking lot!(: also I
got to get out and push the car to the people, so remember how I
always wanna do that? Like run out of gas and have to push the car?
YAY IT HAPPENED ON MY MISSION HEHEHE. but seriously, I know god
listens and answers our prayers, even if it’s at the last minute.

Also another miracle, we were at the church on Saturday unexpectedly
for one hour, and a man named Adiel walked in and asked when the
Spanish service is? So we said tomorrow, and guess what, he come to
church! And we had nothing planned for Tuesday afternoon, and that is
the only time he can meet with us this week! Miracle! The Lord led us
to the church at that specific time on Saturday, and made it so we
were free on Tuesday, miracle :)

Haha also Juan Carlos is the bomb, he’s the one I invited to be
baptized my first or second week. I felt really good in our last
lesson with him, last night. All I did was cry faith and repentance,
and that’s what we need to do. All is possible by having faith, and
repenting, coming clean so we can be worthy to live with our father in
heaven again.

Welp, it’s super hot and humid here as usual, basically sweat buckets
on the daily, but we love it! can hardly wait for fall and winter:)
the Hispanics are my bffs and oh hey yeah we made tamales yesterday!
I love all you fools! Have a great week and remember to say your

prayers and brush your teeth!(: