Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hi guys!
This week was crazy. Haha first of all fun fact I ate lamb on Tuesday:)
Secondly, on Wednesday we had interviews with the president and holy
cow that was awesome! He and his wife are so inspired, i loved
talking with them, they helped me a ton!
Thursday I gave my first training in district meeting, SCARY! Haha i
was told I did well, but idkkkk….I’m glad it’s over, until next time

Also I’m giving a talk this Sunday :) HOLLA @ Spanish! Tight.
Also our car broke this week! #1stworldprobs so we rode bikes, which I
LOVE, more than the car, but my companion hates it so she wasn’t too
happy haha. But Tuesday night our car got possessed likeee legit and
so we rode our bikes. And took it into the shop on Wednesday, which
MIRACLE! K awesome, it has to do with prayer.

We were driving to the mechanic, and our car freaked out. We were on
the side of the rode, and then it worked again. So we went on the main
rode, and awkward it stopped working in the middle! So it was
sketchy…haha but then we said a prayer that we would make it to the
Toyota parking lot safely. So after the prayer, we sat for a bit, then
yolo’d and started driving again. It was windy and rainy. And so we
were .2 miles away. And I was gonna get out and push it through the
intersection! Haha but it worked! So we made it and turned left
through the intersection, and literally barely made it into the
parking lot. Then it died, for good. IT WAS SO COOL. our prayer was
answered, so specifically! We made it into the parking lot!(: also I
got to get out and push the car to the people, so remember how I
always wanna do that? Like run out of gas and have to push the car?
YAY IT HAPPENED ON MY MISSION HEHEHE. but seriously, I know god
listens and answers our prayers, even if it’s at the last minute.

Also another miracle, we were at the church on Saturday unexpectedly
for one hour, and a man named Adiel walked in and asked when the
Spanish service is? So we said tomorrow, and guess what, he come to
church! And we had nothing planned for Tuesday afternoon, and that is
the only time he can meet with us this week! Miracle! The Lord led us
to the church at that specific time on Saturday, and made it so we
were free on Tuesday, miracle :)

Haha also Juan Carlos is the bomb, he’s the one I invited to be
baptized my first or second week. I felt really good in our last
lesson with him, last night. All I did was cry faith and repentance,
and that’s what we need to do. All is possible by having faith, and
repenting, coming clean so we can be worthy to live with our father in
heaven again.

Welp, it’s super hot and humid here as usual, basically sweat buckets
on the daily, but we love it! can hardly wait for fall and winter:)
the Hispanics are my bffs and oh hey yeah we made tamales yesterday!
I love all you fools! Have a great week and remember to say your

prayers and brush your teeth!(:

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

seriously don't know how much you've helped me, you're an amazing
example. Have the best time in CALI!!(: spencer today
at my hike, I met a guy who just returned from his mission in Brazil!
And the guy we hiked with he's leaving in a few weeks to go there!
Tight! I was excited to tell u when I found out :) k love you!!

So this week was good! We met a couple, Ana and Marco, TOTES gonna get
baptized. We had an awesome lesson with them about the plan of
salvation, and they took it really well and have the cutest family!
I'm excited for them (:

K miracle time! (: we were going to an appointment on Saturday, and we
saw these guys outside so we talked to them. Apparently Josue had met
with missionaries for like 6months in South Carolina! So we were like
hey we gotta go but church is tomorrow. And he came! And brought his
friend Gabriel too! It was crazy! I was so so happy to see them at
church, and we have an appointment with them this week.
A member came out with us at day too, and he asked if people let us
talk to them, and we're like, yeah the men do. Hahah it's hilarious
how many people yell at us when were on bikes! Besides the point sorry haha

This week was kinda slow, one day literally no body opened their door!
We rode our bikes for 4 hrs around the city, back and forth trying to
find someone, back ups and back ups haha all fell through! This is the
part where you'd normally hear some crazy miracle happen, but nope
still no one answered. But the funny thing was, I wasn't discouraged.
I kept going. Kept pedaling. Kept knocking. Kept trying. And I could
feel gods love for me, and I know he's proud of me for trying.
We had trainer/trainee meeting on Friday, with the president and his
assistants. In Nashville so HOLLA at a field trip! (PS we're goin
there tomorrow too, cause my Hermana has to go to the doctor and we're
riding the bus so double HOLLA!)
Anyways that was a good meeting. I learned a lot. I learned about how
to study, how to plan, how to feel better, and just stuff idk haha
sorry everyday feels like years ago! What I'm trying to say is
yeaahhhh good meeting. Sorry I'm really tired today so this email is
probably wacky.

I said this last week, ONE DAY AT A TIME(:
Today was so fun we went hiking! It was so weird hiking in humidity!
Seriously it was like we all walked into a pool! But it was so green
and pretty, way different than Utah trails, when it's just red and and
stuff hash both are beautiful (:

Many many times this week, I've realized how grateful I am to speak
Spanish. I don't know why, I just am so grateful. It's so fun, and the
people are a lot more patient and nice than I thought. I thought it
would be scarier, (don't get me wrong I'm terrified basically always)
but the people are do eager to help, and impressed that we can speak
Spanish, even though we, (I) struggle. Haha my companion is basically
Mexican I tell her that like everyday. She was so cute, one day she
was like "I would love to have you as a mom!" Haha it was sweet, cause
i was making us dinner (: and she said that before once and it made
me feel good. Anyways, I, not a mom so haha that's off subject. Random
fact: we met this lady named Shelby, and she like told us our
fortunes. She has a gift or something, haha but it was cute, she's
like you'll be married in the next few years, and you'll have several
children and you'll love them so much. They're gonna be your life, and
you're gonna love it. It was cute(:
But anyways again, I'm not getting married anytime soon, I'm on a mission!(:
Also she said is quote, "don't tell god how big the mountain is, tell
the mountain how big your god is." SO GOOD HUH.

I've realized a lot this week too, about my mission. How I struggle,
but I'm doing the work. I'm trying hard every day to submit to God's
will for me, and to help him. That makes the tough times easier.
Knowing all he's done for me, this is the least I can d to try to
express my gratitude, and I know no matter how effective I am each
day, as long as I work hard and try my best, I know he's proud of me.

I found this quote I absolutely LOVE: (elder holland talking about
Jesus Christ)  "He will carry in His hands, feet and side, evidence
that there is sacrifice involved in serving God, our Eternal Father,
and in establishing the Church and the Kingdom of God on Earth."

I love that quote. I know our trials are hard. And serving is hard. I
know Jesus Christ had it harder. He took upon him the pain that none
of us can imagine, and he did it because he was commanded to. I know
whatever we are told to do, called to serve a mission, for example,
live  the commandments and keep our covenants we made at baptism, we
can do it. It may not be easy, but we can be made stronger by relying
on Jesus Christ and having faith.
I love you all have a wonderful week! (:

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

so fun fact, before i forget, i found out how to say eastwood in spanish haha so many of the people i meet cant say it! Hermana Madera del Este
haha so this week was good!
first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! i love you(:
we had a cool thunderstorm thursday night so that was fun! 
it is so hot here, everytime im on the doorstep (this is TMI) i literally feel sweat dripping down my back always. haha livin the high life:) 
haha but we had some good lessons this week! my home boy Juan Carlos is awesome! he needs to come to church though, so he can get baptized on the 30th. hes so awesome i love teaching him!
and i feel so proud of myself, cause im beginning to be able to understand and speak more spanish. its super hard, but im keeping on trying! i really like this quote, 
"when i stand before God at the end of my life, i would hope that i would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "i've used everything you gave me.""
its so inspirational and it is motivating and i love it!(:
i dont really know what to say in this email, haha we have bikes again this week so YAY FUN! its gonna be really hot though, haha but we love it(: 
my companion is the bomb, and we're starting week 5 of my first transfer so thats crazy!!
i am gradually starting to get over my fear of knocking, and im able to open my mouth more and talk more so im so happy about that. 
the key ive learned is to take it one day at a time, and to forever have a prayer in your heart.
we met this one lady Ana and she is solid! we're going back thursday to teach her, and i really have a lot of faith in her.
i am so grateful for the testimony i have, and the knowledge and comfort i have from this gospel. and i just wanna share it! im grateful i have this opportunity to share it, and its gonna be a good week because imma make it a good one!(: love you all!!!

-this is a picture of a ton of beer at a trailer park haha and my face is just was a rough day temperature wise, like 92 degrees so we were dying so hard! but we met some potentials so its cool :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

hey yall!;)
happy 2 month mark to me!!!!(: its a baby accomplishment, but its an accomplishment nonetheless(:
k first off, i wear bug spray like perfume! the mosquitos are awful here haha but its chill!
also its hilarious i wanted to put this in here, when i wake up in the middle of the night, I'm literally like a ZOMBIE! i stumble and fall and cant open my eyes haha its so funny to me, thats all!
sorry ill be more like a missionary now:
so i have this cool story. we teach English class 2X a week, and one guy comes every time but wont let us teach him. so one night we were in his area, and we saw him leave. but then we went and taught others, and had 15 more minutes till we could go home. so i prayed to have an opportunity come up where we could share a message. and literally 1 minute after, he pulled into his driveway! so it was perfect! i was so happy! we found out his mother in law died, and we were just chatting about the plan of salvation and such. and we were about to leave, and i realized we didn't share any scriptures or anything! so i hurry quick shared 2 Nephi 5:27, and it was just short and sweet, but i felt like he needed to hear that. that we can be happy if we put our faith in the lord, and work through our trials. my comp was like you are so darling haha but it just was such a little thing, but it was a miracle and i felt so good and happy! i know the lord places us in situations where others need our help, and im so thankful for his guidance(:
also our friend Juan carlos who has a baptismal date for the end of this month, (best moment of my life when i invited him to be baptized, (previous blog haha) well we taught him again, the plan of salvation, and we said what do you want in this life? and he said i wanna go to the Celestial kingdom! and were like YESSS yes you do! it was such a tender and happy moment hehe :)
also we did service this week, cleaning a members kitchen and car. it was good! 
haha its so hot here, but i love it! 
the people here are so nice, and help me with my spanish.
spanish is hard! but its fun. i love hearing it, when i understand, haha and i love speaking in it! everyday i get better i notice, and i know its cause i work so hard, and i know god is blessing me with the gift of tongues. i am so so grateful. i know i just need to keep trying and trying and working, and it will come. #FAITHISKEY
we also played futbol with these kids this week! i wanted a picture but we didnt get one. but it was fun haha and we were in skirts haha #yikes oh well! so fun!
and also i really liked this scripture Psalms 118:24, we need to be thankful for every day we are given, even if its a bad one. know the Lord knows what hes doing, and change your attitude to make everyday happy!(:
also i read this talk, of regret and resolutions by Uchtdorf, form Oct 2012, and it was so good! i encourage you all to read it! and make everyday a happy day(:
I'm so thankful for our prophet and his apostles, i listen to their talks as i get ready in the morning. they are so inspiring and i am so thankful they receive revelation from god, and speak his words to us.
this week had a lot of ups and downs, but one thing i know for sure is that i am so grateful for the Atonement, the blessings are so good. i know we dont have to go through this life alone. thats why Christ died for us, so he could help us bear our burdens, and we can be comforted when we feel alone. i had to learn a lot of that this week through experiences, but i know that we are never alone, he is always there to help us. we just need to pray and ask for help and comfort, and have faith, and we will receive the help we need from our LOVING heavenly father. 
i love you all, hope you have a great week!
here is my cheesy picture of my two month mark! holla!!! 16 more to go!
and here are some pictures of us dropping off a book of mormon is this houses cute little library thing:) it was great!