Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

seriously don't know how much you've helped me, you're an amazing
example. Have the best time in CALI!!(: spencer today
at my hike, I met a guy who just returned from his mission in Brazil!
And the guy we hiked with he's leaving in a few weeks to go there!
Tight! I was excited to tell u when I found out :) k love you!!

So this week was good! We met a couple, Ana and Marco, TOTES gonna get
baptized. We had an awesome lesson with them about the plan of
salvation, and they took it really well and have the cutest family!
I'm excited for them (:

K miracle time! (: we were going to an appointment on Saturday, and we
saw these guys outside so we talked to them. Apparently Josue had met
with missionaries for like 6months in South Carolina! So we were like
hey we gotta go but church is tomorrow. And he came! And brought his
friend Gabriel too! It was crazy! I was so so happy to see them at
church, and we have an appointment with them this week.
A member came out with us at day too, and he asked if people let us
talk to them, and we're like, yeah the men do. Hahah it's hilarious
how many people yell at us when were on bikes! Besides the point sorry haha

This week was kinda slow, one day literally no body opened their door!
We rode our bikes for 4 hrs around the city, back and forth trying to
find someone, back ups and back ups haha all fell through! This is the
part where you'd normally hear some crazy miracle happen, but nope
still no one answered. But the funny thing was, I wasn't discouraged.
I kept going. Kept pedaling. Kept knocking. Kept trying. And I could
feel gods love for me, and I know he's proud of me for trying.
We had trainer/trainee meeting on Friday, with the president and his
assistants. In Nashville so HOLLA at a field trip! (PS we're goin
there tomorrow too, cause my Hermana has to go to the doctor and we're
riding the bus so double HOLLA!)
Anyways that was a good meeting. I learned a lot. I learned about how
to study, how to plan, how to feel better, and just stuff idk haha
sorry everyday feels like years ago! What I'm trying to say is
yeaahhhh good meeting. Sorry I'm really tired today so this email is
probably wacky.

I said this last week, ONE DAY AT A TIME(:
Today was so fun we went hiking! It was so weird hiking in humidity!
Seriously it was like we all walked into a pool! But it was so green
and pretty, way different than Utah trails, when it's just red and and
stuff hash both are beautiful (:

Many many times this week, I've realized how grateful I am to speak
Spanish. I don't know why, I just am so grateful. It's so fun, and the
people are a lot more patient and nice than I thought. I thought it
would be scarier, (don't get me wrong I'm terrified basically always)
but the people are do eager to help, and impressed that we can speak
Spanish, even though we, (I) struggle. Haha my companion is basically
Mexican I tell her that like everyday. She was so cute, one day she
was like "I would love to have you as a mom!" Haha it was sweet, cause
i was making us dinner (: and she said that before once and it made
me feel good. Anyways, I, not a mom so haha that's off subject. Random
fact: we met this lady named Shelby, and she like told us our
fortunes. She has a gift or something, haha but it was cute, she's
like you'll be married in the next few years, and you'll have several
children and you'll love them so much. They're gonna be your life, and
you're gonna love it. It was cute(:
But anyways again, I'm not getting married anytime soon, I'm on a mission!(:
Also she said is quote, "don't tell god how big the mountain is, tell
the mountain how big your god is." SO GOOD HUH.

I've realized a lot this week too, about my mission. How I struggle,
but I'm doing the work. I'm trying hard every day to submit to God's
will for me, and to help him. That makes the tough times easier.
Knowing all he's done for me, this is the least I can d to try to
express my gratitude, and I know no matter how effective I am each
day, as long as I work hard and try my best, I know he's proud of me.

I found this quote I absolutely LOVE: (elder holland talking about
Jesus Christ)  "He will carry in His hands, feet and side, evidence
that there is sacrifice involved in serving God, our Eternal Father,
and in establishing the Church and the Kingdom of God on Earth."

I love that quote. I know our trials are hard. And serving is hard. I
know Jesus Christ had it harder. He took upon him the pain that none
of us can imagine, and he did it because he was commanded to. I know
whatever we are told to do, called to serve a mission, for example,
live  the commandments and keep our covenants we made at baptism, we
can do it. It may not be easy, but we can be made stronger by relying
on Jesus Christ and having faith.
I love you all have a wonderful week! (:

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