Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

hey yall!;)
happy 2 month mark to me!!!!(: its a baby accomplishment, but its an accomplishment nonetheless(:
k first off, i wear bug spray like perfume! the mosquitos are awful here haha but its chill!
also its hilarious i wanted to put this in here, when i wake up in the middle of the night, I'm literally like a ZOMBIE! i stumble and fall and cant open my eyes haha its so funny to me, thats all!
sorry ill be more like a missionary now:
so i have this cool story. we teach English class 2X a week, and one guy comes every time but wont let us teach him. so one night we were in his area, and we saw him leave. but then we went and taught others, and had 15 more minutes till we could go home. so i prayed to have an opportunity come up where we could share a message. and literally 1 minute after, he pulled into his driveway! so it was perfect! i was so happy! we found out his mother in law died, and we were just chatting about the plan of salvation and such. and we were about to leave, and i realized we didn't share any scriptures or anything! so i hurry quick shared 2 Nephi 5:27, and it was just short and sweet, but i felt like he needed to hear that. that we can be happy if we put our faith in the lord, and work through our trials. my comp was like you are so darling haha but it just was such a little thing, but it was a miracle and i felt so good and happy! i know the lord places us in situations where others need our help, and im so thankful for his guidance(:
also our friend Juan carlos who has a baptismal date for the end of this month, (best moment of my life when i invited him to be baptized, (previous blog haha) well we taught him again, the plan of salvation, and we said what do you want in this life? and he said i wanna go to the Celestial kingdom! and were like YESSS yes you do! it was such a tender and happy moment hehe :)
also we did service this week, cleaning a members kitchen and car. it was good! 
haha its so hot here, but i love it! 
the people here are so nice, and help me with my spanish.
spanish is hard! but its fun. i love hearing it, when i understand, haha and i love speaking in it! everyday i get better i notice, and i know its cause i work so hard, and i know god is blessing me with the gift of tongues. i am so so grateful. i know i just need to keep trying and trying and working, and it will come. #FAITHISKEY
we also played futbol with these kids this week! i wanted a picture but we didnt get one. but it was fun haha and we were in skirts haha #yikes oh well! so fun!
and also i really liked this scripture Psalms 118:24, we need to be thankful for every day we are given, even if its a bad one. know the Lord knows what hes doing, and change your attitude to make everyday happy!(:
also i read this talk, of regret and resolutions by Uchtdorf, form Oct 2012, and it was so good! i encourage you all to read it! and make everyday a happy day(:
I'm so thankful for our prophet and his apostles, i listen to their talks as i get ready in the morning. they are so inspiring and i am so thankful they receive revelation from god, and speak his words to us.
this week had a lot of ups and downs, but one thing i know for sure is that i am so grateful for the Atonement, the blessings are so good. i know we dont have to go through this life alone. thats why Christ died for us, so he could help us bear our burdens, and we can be comforted when we feel alone. i had to learn a lot of that this week through experiences, but i know that we are never alone, he is always there to help us. we just need to pray and ask for help and comfort, and have faith, and we will receive the help we need from our LOVING heavenly father. 
i love you all, hope you have a great week!
here is my cheesy picture of my two month mark! holla!!! 16 more to go!
and here are some pictures of us dropping off a book of mormon is this houses cute little library thing:) it was great!


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