Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 26, 2015

This was a great week! We saw so many miracles!
First off, Alicia, we went over to visit her and see Hows she's doing, turns out she's moving to mayfield! Another city in Paducah, we were DEVASTATED,!!!!! We called the SPANISH elders, and they're totes gonna take care of her:)
Ernesto, came to church!!!!!! It was so amazing! We went over on Saturday and he said he finally found a job so he can't come to church, we were very sad. But then we saw him at the drinking fountain! He said 'I was on my way to work, but I got I decided to come here to the church!!' It was amazing!!! He's doing so great, he's reading and in our last lesson he said can I pray, I want to learn! It was so great. I'm so thankful I am here and able to share my testimony with others, and see them understanding is amazing :) 
A less active family we visit, Tim and Zelda, (my adopted sister:) ) we went over yesterday. We were talking to Tim, and he was saying how he's started to pray and read, and he's in nephi :) I asked him if he could see a difference, and he shared his testimony about how when there was so much going on, like crazy on crazy, as soon as he included God in his life, things started to calm down. 
I know that to be true as well, I know that life is easier when we include God. I know he loves us, and I know he wants to hear from us! 
"If you fight every battle on your knees you will never lose."
I've been learning so much on my mission. I'm so grateful to be here, and to have this time to really come to know my Savior, and who I am and who I can be with His help. I'm glad I can focus on coming to know Jesus Christ, and really trying my hardest to become more and more like Him each day. I know we are never alone, and we can reach our potential with His help. I am so grateful for the hope this gospel brings!:) 

Fun facts:
We had a fish fry on Saturday. Paarrrtttayyyy. 
I got adopted yesterday..I now have an 88 year old sister ;)
People in Kentucky have the best accents. 

Hermana Eastwood 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another Great Week of Working Hard and Miracles

I honestly don't know what happened this week. Haha. My mind is blank!
I remember one day it snowed, and the next it was 60 degrees!
We've been blessed with finding a few more people to teach, and our
lessons have been really great! I have been trying really hard to
study as much as I can, and rely on the spirit, I am so grateful for
my Heavenly Father and His help :):)

Fun facts of the week:
I went to Illinois on Wednesday! Holla.
Tracting this week consisted of knocking Into 3 naked people. I don't
Our investigator Rogelio asked me if my mom is from Mexico, cause I
have a Mexican accent...YES. :D made my life.

We went to Red Lobster last night so Hermana LaPine could teach her
brother! It was really cool, and delicious ;) also I sinned cause he
hugged me...haha lol oops!

I Really strengthened my testimony of GODS TIMING AND D&C 84:85 = we
were at this AWESOME LESSON with this girl named Alicia, apparently
the Hermanas have taught her before, but it's always been super
awkward or something. We taught her the restoration, and the spirit
was so strong, it was so amazing to see Gods hand helping me. She had
so many questions, and with His help, I was able to pull out
scriptures and answer her questions and testify! It's amazing, to see
how I have worked so hard to strengthen my testimony, and God was able
to fill my mouth with the answers she needed. She's totally prepared,
and so are we. I've been studying so hard and asking for Gods help,
and I can see His hand. Times like this I feel so blessed to be a part
of his work :)
Here's to another great week of working hard and miracles!:)

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

we had Zone meeting on my birthday!!, so good. i learned so much and felt so pumped and ready to work!! i am so grateful to be here.
I felt so loved this week! Thank you for all the letters and packages, and LOVE. I'm so grateful to be here on my mission, and to have made it to age 20! I'm so old!!
The members are so sweet, we had an awesome dinner, and lots of cake and goodies:)
Paige eating Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky!
We've been visiting a girl named Jenna, she's about 30 something and she's in the hosptial, she's an alcoholic and it's killing her.. She's been there for about a week, and she now has developed pneumonia, and the flu. We visit her quite often, and we sing hymns for her and share our favorite scriptures. it is a miracle, and it was such a happy day because we asked her if the next day we visit her, we could bring her anything she needed? and she said, a Book of Mormon.

it was amazing. we brought it over to her, and she was so excited! she wanted to know all about it, and prophets and how god hears our prayers and how we can receive answers! it was amazing. i feel so blessed to have a testimony of my Heavenly Father and that i know he hears me, and that he answers me. 

i have noticed, He answers us through others. when we meet the needs of others, we learn something, and its always what we need. 
i am so grateful to be serving! 
i am learning so much, and i know we don't have to feel inadequate. i know he has a plan for every single one of us, and he is helping us every step of the way. we are never alone :)

it was kind of a hard week, with a bunch of meetings and car troubles, we had just a little time to actually work. 

"I have often said one of the greatest secrets of missionary work is work!"-Ezra Taft Benson.
^RT i testify of that :)

so sunday, all our plans changed and it was a craazy day, so we decided to visit this potential, jose.
he wasnt home-but his three roomates, ernesto andres and diego were.
we taught them the restoration, and the spirit was so strong! i dont thinkive ever felt the spirit that strong, and ive ever noticed His Help that much. i know if we study and ask god for help, he will bless us, and he WILL help us. 
i am so grateful to be here, learning so much and to be able to truthfully testify, and to WANT to help others come unto Christ. 
those men accepted our invitation to be baptized.
this day made this hard week so much better! 

when we include god and the spirit in our lives, we become so much happier:))

i love you all have a happy weeeek!!!!(:
hermana eastwood

oh wait i forgot! best part!!
fun fact of the week:
i may or may not have told a man that once he gets baptized he can marry two women..
we had a good laugh..#myspanishprobs.

ok bye!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome To Kentucky!

I love being here! It's been weird and hard to adjust, but this area
is really good. The ward is soooo nice and sweet. it's an English
ward, so we translate with cool headphone things! The members are so nice, and welcoming, and I feel so loved and welcome. One man gave us eggs from his farm :) #holla? We ate dinner with this family on Thursday, I think, and they signed up to feed us this Friday! MYBIRTHDAY!!!!! I love them already :)
We've been visiting a lot of less active people and families, and
they're all so sweet. It's really cool to be able to get to know so
many people! I'm really grateful to be a missionary, and to have the help of Heavenly Father. So many times this week I've seen his hand and his help. All these new people I've met and don't know at all, we would teach them, and I'd feel prompted to share a personal experience or
talk, and it was exactly what they needed to hear! I know that he is
with us, and when we act on the spiritual promptings we receive, he blesses us with the courage and strength we need to act and with more
promptings and help:) On my first night I was starving! (It took four hours to drive here
from nashville) so I was like Hermana can we get Taco Bell? Soo yes so
good haha and it was fun cause we met a guy named Victor and his kids!
And we invited them to church, and he was pumped cause the Pamphlet
that  we gave him was in Spanish, and we're like well of course we're
the hermanas :) I love Hispanics!:) and contacting people wherever I
find them! Hna LaPine was like what I would never talk to some one at
Taco Bell! Haha it was a good way to start our transfer together :)

She's from Florida, and was baptized in 2012, she's really sweet and
fun, and so good at Spanish! Also pretty cool cause we have the same
birthday! Only she's a year older.

On Saturday night we were visiting a less active family, and their
neighbor was super barracho and was outside and was like hola
señoritas and so were like NOPE and walked to the car, (not even a
fast walk!) so we were sitting there for like ten seconds looking at
out plans, and the guy comes and knocked on the window and he like ran
and followed us! Haha so we got scared, and drove away, and we don't
know if we ran over his toe haha but we were safe!;)

Hmmm what else happened. New Year's Eve we partied it up with 17
miracles and Oreos!! And New Years we spent the day as a zone, only
the sisters, we watched frozen(so CUTE!!), how to train your dragon,
(I fell asleep) and the Lego movie! (I was sleeping still...ahha) but
I woke up and watched the last half! Gr8 times.


I heard it's gonna get in the negatives this week! Not worth it cause
there's no snow. Haha but I'm all ready to bundle up!
I don't know what more to say, sooo
Con amor,
Hermana Eastwood