Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another Great Week of Working Hard and Miracles

I honestly don't know what happened this week. Haha. My mind is blank!
I remember one day it snowed, and the next it was 60 degrees!
We've been blessed with finding a few more people to teach, and our
lessons have been really great! I have been trying really hard to
study as much as I can, and rely on the spirit, I am so grateful for
my Heavenly Father and His help :):)

Fun facts of the week:
I went to Illinois on Wednesday! Holla.
Tracting this week consisted of knocking Into 3 naked people. I don't
Our investigator Rogelio asked me if my mom is from Mexico, cause I
have a Mexican accent...YES. :D made my life.

We went to Red Lobster last night so Hermana LaPine could teach her
brother! It was really cool, and delicious ;) also I sinned cause he
hugged me...haha lol oops!

I Really strengthened my testimony of GODS TIMING AND D&C 84:85 = we
were at this AWESOME LESSON with this girl named Alicia, apparently
the Hermanas have taught her before, but it's always been super
awkward or something. We taught her the restoration, and the spirit
was so strong, it was so amazing to see Gods hand helping me. She had
so many questions, and with His help, I was able to pull out
scriptures and answer her questions and testify! It's amazing, to see
how I have worked so hard to strengthen my testimony, and God was able
to fill my mouth with the answers she needed. She's totally prepared,
and so are we. I've been studying so hard and asking for Gods help,
and I can see His hand. Times like this I feel so blessed to be a part
of his work :)
Here's to another great week of working hard and miracles!:)

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