Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome To Kentucky!

I love being here! It's been weird and hard to adjust, but this area
is really good. The ward is soooo nice and sweet. it's an English
ward, so we translate with cool headphone things! The members are so nice, and welcoming, and I feel so loved and welcome. One man gave us eggs from his farm :) #holla? We ate dinner with this family on Thursday, I think, and they signed up to feed us this Friday! MYBIRTHDAY!!!!! I love them already :)
We've been visiting a lot of less active people and families, and
they're all so sweet. It's really cool to be able to get to know so
many people! I'm really grateful to be a missionary, and to have the help of Heavenly Father. So many times this week I've seen his hand and his help. All these new people I've met and don't know at all, we would teach them, and I'd feel prompted to share a personal experience or
talk, and it was exactly what they needed to hear! I know that he is
with us, and when we act on the spiritual promptings we receive, he blesses us with the courage and strength we need to act and with more
promptings and help:) On my first night I was starving! (It took four hours to drive here
from nashville) so I was like Hermana can we get Taco Bell? Soo yes so
good haha and it was fun cause we met a guy named Victor and his kids!
And we invited them to church, and he was pumped cause the Pamphlet
that  we gave him was in Spanish, and we're like well of course we're
the hermanas :) I love Hispanics!:) and contacting people wherever I
find them! Hna LaPine was like what I would never talk to some one at
Taco Bell! Haha it was a good way to start our transfer together :)

She's from Florida, and was baptized in 2012, she's really sweet and
fun, and so good at Spanish! Also pretty cool cause we have the same
birthday! Only she's a year older.

On Saturday night we were visiting a less active family, and their
neighbor was super barracho and was outside and was like hola
señoritas and so were like NOPE and walked to the car, (not even a
fast walk!) so we were sitting there for like ten seconds looking at
out plans, and the guy comes and knocked on the window and he like ran
and followed us! Haha so we got scared, and drove away, and we don't
know if we ran over his toe haha but we were safe!;)

Hmmm what else happened. New Year's Eve we partied it up with 17
miracles and Oreos!! And New Years we spent the day as a zone, only
the sisters, we watched frozen(so CUTE!!), how to train your dragon,
(I fell asleep) and the Lego movie! (I was sleeping still...ahha) but
I woke up and watched the last half! Gr8 times.


I heard it's gonna get in the negatives this week! Not worth it cause
there's no snow. Haha but I'm all ready to bundle up!
I don't know what more to say, sooo
Con amor,
Hermana Eastwood

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