Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A donde me mandares iré

Sooooo Funny story.. I had this email all written out, and then
WHOOOPS I DELETED IT. sorry. Haha la vida.
So I'll start over and write it for five minutes haha
This week was great! Merry christmas! Skype was so fun I LOVE MY FAMILY.:):):):)
We had exchanges on Monday, and I went to buena vista with Hermana
smith! It was fun to be back with my trainer again :) haha it was also
cool to be in a different area. Which leads me to this next point:
I'm getting transferred to KENTUCKY!!!!! What! I leave tomorrow, and
I'm really excited. I'm really sad to leave the BORO!!!! I've LOVED my
time here, I am so grateful. The members are awesome, and such good
examples to me. And I've loved being able to serve with the
missionaries here. I love my mission. :) one member told me I will
always have a family here. AWWW my little heart couldn't take that! I
am happy I can confidently say I've done all I could here, and I
worked my hardest, #borochildforlife
Weeelllllpppp, I don't know what to say. Haha awkward I forgot what I
said in my other email I deleted. Sad! It's fine though.
I know this is the Lords work, and He leads it. I know I've done all I
could here in Murfreesboro, and now I know I have purpose to be in
Kentucky. I know He will help me, and I am so grateful to be a part of
His work!
I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!:) I remember one year after
EFY or something I made a goal to read the scriptures every day....5
years later, I'm doing it! Haha just goes to show we can always
improve, and never give up!:)
Hermana Eastwood

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