Monday, November 24, 2014

Havin' A Ball In Nashville, Y'all!

So fun fact, I'm in NASHVILLE!! it's been so fun, and I've taken lots of pix, but on my camera, and so I will have to send them another time:) but it's been amazing, it's so fun. There's a boot store every other store I swear.
But I love YALL so much, I can hardly wait to TAKE YOU ALL HERE TO NASHVILLE CAUSE ITS THE GREATEST!!! Seriously YALL would love it, cause there's so much fun music and bands and stuff. Holla. 
Yesterday we painted our investigators house it was so fun! And snuck in some lessons, and got fed Taco Bell....what more could a missionary ask for?:)
We had a good week with lots of tracting, and funny stories,  and finding Hispanics!(yes!) definitely have potential, and I'm praying so hard I'll be able to be the instrument and missionary God needs to make miracles happen, and shine the light of the gospel into these people's lives. 
I've thought a lot lately of how grateful I am. For my mission, and for this gospel and for my family. There is so much I have to be grateful for. I'm grateful i am on a mission, to be able to not think of myself. And think so much about others and to serve and help them. This gospel is so good, and I'm grateful to be able to see changes happen, in members, investigators, and myself. God is good.
Happy thanksgiving fools!  

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Fun thing that happened: at district meeting I said the closing prayer, in Spanish of course, and one of the elders said, "dang Hispanics talk fast!"
I died, best compliment of my life. Haha
This has been a great week, very weird. Like each one. Haha I was reeeeally weird, like super pumped about the work and really sensitive and I was a weird cry baby, but just cause I was realizing how much I love these people, and I love being able to do nothing but serve and help.

Anyways random sorry. My emails are the worst sorry!
Our zone had a goal of getting 80 member presents, that was about 5 per companionship. we worked so hard, we got 8!!!! Miracle!!!!! And as a zone, we got 100! That's a record! It's so great cause we know the
difference it makes, to every one. As missionaries, for the
investigators, and for the members. Sharing the gospel and our
testimonies really strengthens our testimony and helps us grow closer
to our father in heaven. Which is our goal:)

We're starting a new transfer this week, and hma orellana and I are
staying! I'm ready to work hArD and SERVE.
I know I am in the work of the Lord.
I know I am doing all I can, and I trust that the spirit will carry
the happiness of the gospel we share, into hearts:)
I've learned a mission is more than NUMBERS. I've realized that over
and over again. It's about love. Loving your companion. Serving your
companion. Loving the members, strengthening them. Serving them. Being
christ like, I say this always, but just always thinking and trying to
do exactly as He would do.

It's insane that (me, Paige Eastwood,) I am representing him, but I am
so grateful, it has changed me and helped me to become a better
person. I am so glad, and so excited to see who I will become :) I
know I am in his hands, and am being guided by him.
I know we can't reach our full potential without his help. He is
always inviting us to lean on him for strength.
Dios les bendiga
Hermana Eastwood :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

we had an awesome Zone meeting this week, with really good trainings. It inspired me to want to be even more obedient and diligent in my work, i want to be able to be home and say i worked. hard.
its so crazy this is the last week of the transfer! i really hope i stay here, with hma orellana:) but i know what ever happens, will be whats supposed to happen. i know god has a will for me to do, and a will for this mission and this area. i am trusting that i will be where i am supposed to be.
The little things matter! There are miracles every day, if we look for them :) 
Here are some of the miracles I saw this week:
1.we were in a lesson, and our investigator wouldn't pray...we got on our knees and stayed there for 15 minutes, and he prayed!!!! Talk about Persistence haha 
2.our English class students asked US if we could read the Book of Mormon for class:) they're going back to Guatemala next week I AM SO SAD. My missionary friends over there need to get on them :) 
3.*Favorite.* A few months ago with Hermana smith we met a lady at the gas station, she saw us filling up our bike tires. She said she'd bring us a pump, and we could meet her at the church that night.....she wasn't there. So a few weeks later we saw her at a different gas station! And she gave us the pump, (she had kept it in her car for us haha) and we gave her a card with Jesus on it :) then, this week, we were knocking and she opened the door!! I was like what?! There's no coincidence that our paths crossed three times. We had a good lesson with her, and it was just a great miracle ok?:) we sent her as a referral for the elders, I was so happy to see her again:) 

i am so grateful for my mission so far, the hard parts, and the good parts, i am so grateful. I've realized that us as missionaries don't always see the difference we're making, but I know when we work hard, we are making a difference.  i love being here, not thinking about myself, and just focusing on others. Focusing on this area, our investigators, the members, the less actives, our neighbors, missionaries, and my companion. It feels so good to be able to represent Jesus Christ. To be able to think of every situation I'm in, what he would do. That thought inspires me to do all I can, and to be the best I can. 
This week my testimony of the Book of Mormon had grown a lot. when we really sincerely pray, and search for answers-we receive them. its so amazing how we can truly liken all the scriptures to our lives so specifically.
I'm so grateful!
K bye.
Ps we went to gr8 clips so my hma could get her haircut. HOLLA at u mom.
Ps spencer I heard a song from Taylor swifts cd. S/o to your girly side and your obsession with her.

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

sikee no one says that.
so hey!! 
this week was weird, we tracted a lot! and found a couple new potentials, so we're crossing our fingers!!:)
we worked really hard this week! last night it was cool, we had knocked for almost an hour, (an hour every day is what president asks us) and we were gonna go back and visit our investigator ariel, but then i was like wait lets do this house first. and we did and they were from El Salvador!! and they were the only hispanic people we knocked into the whole day! so it was SO COOL. #miraclesfordays
this week i tried tacos de lengua this week-SO DELICOUS! go buy some cow tongue now and try it:)
saturday was SO COOLLD!! it was the byu vs mtsu game sooo holla! it was really cool cause we got to see so many byu fans, and they recognized us! it was like i was serving in utah or something?! lol. fun story: we went to our ward mission leaders house for dinner. yummmyyy... he made us expired tuna and instead of mayo he used expired greek yogurt.
we went to hardees (tennessee's carls junior!) and all these byu fans were there and bought us dinner! seriously when did tennessee become utah?! haha nahh only byu. 
today we got to go to nashville to the opry mills mall with some members. IT. IS. SO. BIG. holy cow. you better believe i hit the rocky mountain chocolate factory:)

fast sunday is theee best! always. i love being here in this branch, because these members are so strong! each sunday they go up and bear their testimonies-theyre so faithful. they really strengthen my testimony as well. 
we got to go to a service for the church of christ, but only for like 30 minutes, but it was cool. and weird. its really cool to be around so many different churches here in the south!
we had a really cool lesson this week, with a man who is Pentecostal. so he knew his bible REALLY WELL. and we were teaching him the restoration, and all he was doing was spitting our bible verses and i was like broooo. it was super crazy to say the least. but one thing i loved about that lesson, was that i knew without a doubt that this is the true church.
this guy said no church is perfect. it hurt my heart it was so weird?! thats the moment i knew, and i know with all of me, that this is the only true and perfect church on the earth. i know Jesus Christ established it, so of course it's perfect. i know God answers our prayers, if we, like Joseph Smith, pray with real intent and a sincere heart, God will give us the answers we need.
con amor,
hermana eastwood