Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Fun thing that happened: at district meeting I said the closing prayer, in Spanish of course, and one of the elders said, "dang Hispanics talk fast!"
I died, best compliment of my life. Haha
This has been a great week, very weird. Like each one. Haha I was reeeeally weird, like super pumped about the work and really sensitive and I was a weird cry baby, but just cause I was realizing how much I love these people, and I love being able to do nothing but serve and help.

Anyways random sorry. My emails are the worst sorry!
Our zone had a goal of getting 80 member presents, that was about 5 per companionship. we worked so hard, we got 8!!!! Miracle!!!!! And as a zone, we got 100! That's a record! It's so great cause we know the
difference it makes, to every one. As missionaries, for the
investigators, and for the members. Sharing the gospel and our
testimonies really strengthens our testimony and helps us grow closer
to our father in heaven. Which is our goal:)

We're starting a new transfer this week, and hma orellana and I are
staying! I'm ready to work hArD and SERVE.
I know I am in the work of the Lord.
I know I am doing all I can, and I trust that the spirit will carry
the happiness of the gospel we share, into hearts:)
I've learned a mission is more than NUMBERS. I've realized that over
and over again. It's about love. Loving your companion. Serving your
companion. Loving the members, strengthening them. Serving them. Being
christ like, I say this always, but just always thinking and trying to
do exactly as He would do.

It's insane that (me, Paige Eastwood,) I am representing him, but I am
so grateful, it has changed me and helped me to become a better
person. I am so glad, and so excited to see who I will become :) I
know I am in his hands, and am being guided by him.
I know we can't reach our full potential without his help. He is
always inviting us to lean on him for strength.
Dios les bendiga
Hermana Eastwood :)

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