Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A donde me mandares iré

Sooooo Funny story.. I had this email all written out, and then
WHOOOPS I DELETED IT. sorry. Haha la vida.
So I'll start over and write it for five minutes haha
This week was great! Merry christmas! Skype was so fun I LOVE MY FAMILY.:):):):)
We had exchanges on Monday, and I went to buena vista with Hermana
smith! It was fun to be back with my trainer again :) haha it was also
cool to be in a different area. Which leads me to this next point:
I'm getting transferred to KENTUCKY!!!!! What! I leave tomorrow, and
I'm really excited. I'm really sad to leave the BORO!!!! I've LOVED my
time here, I am so grateful. The members are awesome, and such good
examples to me. And I've loved being able to serve with the
missionaries here. I love my mission. :) one member told me I will
always have a family here. AWWW my little heart couldn't take that! I
am happy I can confidently say I've done all I could here, and I
worked my hardest, #borochildforlife
Weeelllllpppp, I don't know what to say. Haha awkward I forgot what I
said in my other email I deleted. Sad! It's fine though.
I know this is the Lords work, and He leads it. I know I've done all I
could here in Murfreesboro, and now I know I have purpose to be in
Kentucky. I know He will help me, and I am so grateful to be a part of
His work!
I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!:) I remember one year after
EFY or something I made a goal to read the scriptures every day....5
years later, I'm doing it! Haha just goes to show we can always
improve, and never give up!:)
Hermana Eastwood

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

k this week was SUPER GOOD!!
on monday night, we had a family home evening that the missionaries were in charge of. we watched joy to the world and ate cake and nachos-which we got all the leftovers soooo, party at our apartment;) it was really good though, we had a lot of less active families come! and some investigators! holla for christmas! hermano Kaelberer and i were leading everyone to sing christmas carols, but no one would sing, so basically we sang duets in front of everyone for 30 minutes, he's such a bro. :)
this week was full of miracles! 
for one, i was really sick all week. but we kept working! and boyyy did we work! we got things DONE! we had so many successful days, and hours of knocking!! two days, tuesday and saturday, every single door we knocked, (except one, both days...but sshh) was hispanic! this does not happen people! it was amazing! we were able to share messages about the restoration, and He Is the Gift. and the cool thing was, people have started to hear about the video and watch it!! :) 
this is a shorty email but it was a really good week-and i am so happy to be a missionary! and to be an hermana :) i am so grateful to be a member of this church, and to know i am a daughter of a loving Heavenl Father. i know he helps us in every aspect of our lives, and i know he listens to our prayers and answers us:)
fun facts: -sometimes in tennessee you see crazy ladies standing in the middle of the road, looking at the sky and talking to spirits...its fine.
-sometimes you go over to a members house from spain and you expect fish, but her roommate makes you curry and then you smell like curry for the rest of the night.:) but then you get to teach him the restoration and its really good:)

i wish you guys a very merry christmas!!!!!!(: mi familiaaa i can hardly wait to talk to you guys:)
hermana eastwood:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Cute Little Miracle, Dec. 15, 2014

Hey YALL!!
Here's to another week!
Here's a cute little miracle, we actually knocked into a Hispanic! Super rare my friends. It was great, we were knocking down a street, and I felt like we should turn right, so we did and no luck..then I just felt like we should knock this one house! And turns out it was the only Hispanic on the entire street!
Miracle number two: Our investigator read!! He studied ether 12 in the Book of Mormon! It was amazing. He asked if we could read it with him, so he could understand more. We know he feels the spirit, he just has a hard time talking and telling us what he's thinking, but he's on the right track! :)
Funny story of the week: We had a fun time this week as our car was broken Into! Haha no big deal! They stole our gas card, soo awkwardly we had no gas for our car haha but it was all good, it was just funny we had to file a police report and everything. Who would've thought as a missionary I'd have to do that!?;) 
We had zone conference on Friday, and had awesome trainings by president and sister Anderson, and elder Renlund from the quorum of the seventy! I learned so much, and received so many answers. Our areas are never dead! Keep working, praying and trusting He is helping us, guiding us and preparing people for us to meet and share His gospel. 
We are all as successful as we are committed to do His will. D&C4:2 with all our heart:) 
It amazes me how if we pray to have our eyes opened, we can see Him working miracles each and everyday. We can have our prayers answered and feel his love and light. I am so grateful for this gospel! I know God has a plan for us all, and I know he loves each and everyone of us:) I know he watches over us. and is eager to help us and bless us, as we obey and turn our will over to Him :) 
I hope you all have a happy week! 
Con amoooorr, 
Hermana eastwood :) 

Monday, December 8, 2014

"This Gospel Is Beautiful"

this week has been really good.(with a lot of blonde moments..its fine. good stories right?) 
we were able to teach and meet a lot of people, and share the He is the gift video. its amazing, how much that video can soften hearts. FELIZ NAVIDAD!

I LOVE FAST SUNDAYS! i've been praying for help to be more bold and confident, and ive noticed the Lord helping me. i was able to bear my testimony yesterday.
on monday night, we knocked into some..interesting people. they were Jews, and trying to literally murder us with their words and Bible. welcome to the bible belt;)  the spirit was telling me the whole lesson that we needed to leave, so after almost an hour of bashing on Joseph Smith and every single thing we believe in, and Obama, what? i stood up, testified, and left. Hermana Orellana said she didnt even know who i was! she said it was a moment like when Joseph Smith was in the jail and stood up and said 'either you or i die this instant'. its fine. haha it was just a craazy moment.

somehow i have a year left of my mission! i dont know how that just happened. but its been such a good experience so far, and i am excited to have a year left to Serve my Lord. 
i burned tights with my hna, for her 9 month mark and my 6 months. but the video doesnt work soo sorrryyyy. 
but, ive realized how grateful i am to be here. to be able to give all my time and energy focusing on spreading the good word of the Lord:) i am so happy to be able to study each morning, and grow closer to him, and try harder every day to be better and better. He is amazing, and i am so grateful for all Hes done for me, and everybody. i know he helps us so much, and he knows us all perfectly.
THIS GOSPEL IS BEAUTIFUL. i am so grateful for the example of my friends serving, or who have already served. i am so grateful to you, dad, for your service, and your encouragement to me. you always know what to say, and you help me know i can do this. i am grateful for you spencer, for your having served a mission, and for your friendship. youre the best. and parker, well youre just the bomb. im grateful that in every email, you tell me how much of an example i am to you, bro youre an example to ME. you help me keep going, and you give me motivation to keep working, i love you so much. and my dear mama, youre my home girl and i worship you. thank you for all you do for me, YOU ALL JUST MEAN SO MUCH TO ME OKAY?!:))

on friday night we had one of our members come out with us, and we were on bikes. so we had about 4 solid appointments and some awesome back ups. so one by one, then all fell through. we were riding our bikes back and forth all over town. in the pouring rain. one might get discouraged and hate their life, but it was the best. we both knew we were doing all we could, and trying our hardest. i know GOd sees all our efforts:) we were singing christmas carols in the rain:)

so can i close with my blonde moment one thatll go in the books? k LISTOS?!
our phone has been freaking out for like 2 weeks now, with the clock changing times and what not. so sunday morning, the alarm went off at 6:30 so i got up and showerd, and then so did hermana. afterwards, i was gonna go study early cause i was like YEAAHHH KILLER im gonna study the book of mormon so hard right now. so, yeah i was studying. and i was like this is so weird, my ipad and my watch both say 1:30, weird i better change it back to 7:30. so i did and kept studying. and i looked outside, and it was so dark! "it must be a sign for the second coming!" i thought.
then its almost 8, and hermana orellana says, hermana why do all the clocks say its almost 2 am? and i said, i dont know hermana all the clocks stopped! its so weird! also look i think Jesus is coming because its so dark outside! 
so. we went back to sleep until it was really 6:30 and...well yeah that was my night.
it was the the kinda thing that happens that you think youre gonna laugh about it later...
ehh i laughed right then. haha it was 1 am okay?! i get weird at night...

ps i bought a roll of cookie dough this week so that just makes everything better. S/O to spencer for christmas last year;)