Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

k this week was SUPER GOOD!!
on monday night, we had a family home evening that the missionaries were in charge of. we watched joy to the world and ate cake and nachos-which we got all the leftovers soooo, party at our apartment;) it was really good though, we had a lot of less active families come! and some investigators! holla for christmas! hermano Kaelberer and i were leading everyone to sing christmas carols, but no one would sing, so basically we sang duets in front of everyone for 30 minutes, he's such a bro. :)
this week was full of miracles! 
for one, i was really sick all week. but we kept working! and boyyy did we work! we got things DONE! we had so many successful days, and hours of knocking!! two days, tuesday and saturday, every single door we knocked, (except one, both days...but sshh) was hispanic! this does not happen people! it was amazing! we were able to share messages about the restoration, and He Is the Gift. and the cool thing was, people have started to hear about the video and watch it!! :) 
this is a shorty email but it was a really good week-and i am so happy to be a missionary! and to be an hermana :) i am so grateful to be a member of this church, and to know i am a daughter of a loving Heavenl Father. i know he helps us in every aspect of our lives, and i know he listens to our prayers and answers us:)
fun facts: -sometimes in tennessee you see crazy ladies standing in the middle of the road, looking at the sky and talking to spirits...its fine.
-sometimes you go over to a members house from spain and you expect fish, but her roommate makes you curry and then you smell like curry for the rest of the night.:) but then you get to teach him the restoration and its really good:)

i wish you guys a very merry christmas!!!!!!(: mi familiaaa i can hardly wait to talk to you guys:)
hermana eastwood:)

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