Wednesday, October 28, 2015

IM BACK WITH HERMANA JAMES!!!!!! this never happens!:)
She came here to McMiracleville with me! We have been having an
absolute blast! It's been so fun to reminisce on our good times in
Providencia, with our investigators, our bus stories, The members, all
the good times :) it's such a blessing to have her be here with me!
I've missed her. Her Spanish is amazing, great accent, solid testimony
and she's so strong! So good at our goal of 'fear no man!' Love her.

We worked so hard together, and so far it's been the same. A bunch of
hard work!!!!' We're going to KILL IT this transfer! So excited :)
We've been biking a lot so far, but have seen so many miracles! We've
been finding a lot of new people to teach! Heavenly Father is blessing
us and leading us to the Hispanics :) I love knocking.

Our branch president has a feeling in these next couple weeks were
going to find out next relief society president, and elders quorum
president. We have the faith it's going to happen :D  I am so pumped
for this transfer!
We've set some amazing stretching goals this transfer, and I really
feel like we can do it!

Monserrat's mom came back from Mexico, and brought along with her her
uncle and cousin! 2 more solid investigators to teach!:) were very
excited about them, just need them to A C T . To read and to pray.

Please keep Monserrat, Mandi and CIRO in your prayers! They're our
miracles for this transfer :)

We had a cool experience last night: there's this less active member
named Carlos I've never met, but have tried so many times. Last night
we went to the address we have for him, and met his Son!! Who is
interested in learning about the gospel, and gave us the general
direction for where Carlos lives now as well. We went over there, and
knocked on this lady's house, who is the mother of Carlos's
girlfriend! And her husband is Hispanic! Anther family to teach :)
then this lady gave us e address where Carlos lives, he wasn't home,
but I'd say it was definitely a successful night, and completely led
by the hand of the Lord :) cool cool.

I love my mission so much. I love the spirit I feel. I'm so grateful
to be a representative of Jesus Christ. To have this time to give him
back everything He's blessed me with. To be able to preach his gospel,
and to help others come to know him. In the time I've had  of being in
his service, helping my fellow brethren come closer to him, I've drawn
closer to him myself. I am a much happier person now that my savior is
the center of my life. I love him with all my heart.

Ps currently making papusas. No big deal. Just call us Hispanic :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So we started off the week great! Our investigator German, we've kinda
been holding off on him for a little, but he texted us and asked to
meet! We learned he had read Alma 7, just opened randomly to that
chapter! SUCH A GOOD ONE!! And it was cool, we were able to see the
power of the spirit in the Book of Mormon change his heart :)
We had exchanges, and cute sister Svedin came over to McMinnville with
me again! Another great day of bikes. :D she is so positive and has so
much faith! Such a good outlook on life, and so good at following the
spirit. I look up to her a lot, such a good day! Love her!:)
We had a lesson with Richard and Nicky, ages 12 and 10, theyre so
ready for baptism! And it's perfect cause the mom was baptized last
year, and the dad was baptized in August and just received the
priesthood so he can perform the baptism! So keep them in your
prayers! Their mom said hopefully November:) :D
Also another miracle! That part member returning family is doing
amazing! The mom is coming back:) and she has 6 KIDS two are ready to
be baptized!:) Mandi said she got a confirmation from the spirit this
is the true church! Shes agreed to be baptized on the 21 of November,
keep her in your prayers!:)

This Friday we went to the temple with PAUBLO to do baptisms for the
dead:) it was amazing, the spirit and peace you feel in the Lords
house is amazing. I  know this is Christs true restored church. That
the priesthood power allows men to act in His name, for the salvation
of everyone of us. I am so grateful for this gospel, and to be able to
share it in Tennessee:) also at the temple I was able to see a family
from Antioch, and it was amazing! I am so grateful for my mission :)

Saturday we knocked a lot and found some cool people to teach! We got
transfer calls, and Hna Sorensen is leaving me! I learned so much from
her, I'm very grateful for out time we've had together, we've been
stretched and have grown a lot. We have a really good friendship and I
love her so much. I'm grateful for her example and how she's helped me
so much as a missionary.
I am so happy to be Able to stay here for this next transfer! It's
been a harder area, but amazing. I really have seen the atonement in
action, and have come to know my savior better. I love the bible and
the Book of Mormon, I love serving others and I love my savior and my
father in heaven :)

Today we went Hiking, it was really fun!!!!!!!!! And we went rock
climbing and it was awesome!:)

Have a good week y'all!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Monday night we had another cute family home evening with this part
member, / Less active family. It was darling. 6 CRAZY KIDS, but so
sweet  to teach them the gospel. On Sunday they all came to church,
and the mom who is the less active was so so happy! It is so sweet to
see and to be a part of seeing them coming closer to Christ :)

On Tuesday we met with Efraim in his store, with PAUBLO our recent
convert! It was perfect, they both have had many health problems, like
heart, diabetes, and missing part of their legs. Crazy, but perfect
match. Efraim feels god has abandoned him, and PAUBLO [not purposely
capitalizing it] felt like that for a while, until the missionaries
found him.. The hope and light this gospel brings is amazing. I love
being a missionary. I have grown so close to my father in heaven, I
know he is very real and loves me and everyone of us. I know he will
never abandon us, and it brings me so much joy and comfort to be able
to help others Come to know that as well.
We had interviews with president that day too! I love him so much. So
so much. Preach my gospel says we need to always live worthily of our
converts here in the mission. That day, I got the feeling, not only do
I need to continue to live worthily for the people of my mission, my
family and myself, but also for president and sister Anderson. I never
want to let them down. I love my mission!!

Thursday was kinda cool. My companion has been sick for 2 weeks, and
her voice kinda comes and  goes, and she has cough attacks. Well,
anyone who knows hermana Eastwood knows she is terrified of English
people and teaching in English. ...not my thing. But she does her best
to do what the lord asks! On her porch swing We teach this lady named
Patricia, who is English but is married to a Hispanic. She's your
typical southern lady. We were teaching the plan of salvation so I was
doubly nervous! Haha and hermana starts dyinnnng coughing so she
leaves and goes away so she's not distracting, and I teach alone.. It
was really cool, cause you know how satan is the worst and always
attacks ya? He's been attacking my confidence a lot this week, and
this lesson really helped me a lot. I had the best companion, my Book
of Mormon. This lesson made me think of this quote by Ezra Taft
"The Book of Mormon is the great standard we are to use. It shows that
Joseph Smith was a prophet. It contains the words of Christ, and its
great mission is to bring men to Christ and all other things are
secondary. The golden question of the Book of Mormon is “Do you want
to learn more of Christ?” Now, we have not been using the Book of
Mormon as we should. Our homes are not as strong unless we are using
it to bring our children to Christ. Our missionaries are not as
effective unless they are “hissing forth” with it."

We had a bunch of tender mercies this week!:) lots of cancellations
and rejections, but God is so good. On Friday we went to see a man
named Felix, and it started pouring, and he was getting in this car to
leave to buy cigars, but he got out and we had a lesson! He said he'd
be baptized! (Don't worry we'll get the word of wisdom soon;) )

Then Saturday we had a really hard day, but at 6 we went to see this
family, we rode our bikes and they saw us from the laundromat and
drove home just for the lesson! We haven't been able to see them for
almost 2 months so total tender mercy! :)
I love sharing the gospel.
Here's another funny moment, last night we were teaching the man named
Gregorio on his porch, and in the middle of the lesson he said hey in
a couple weeks I'm gonna take you to a Mexican restaurant! And I just
could not stop laughing!!!! I don't know why but it was so funny!
Also sometimes when you're the McMinnville hermanas you live next to a
Mexican store and so when it's not time to go home yet you go store
contacting./buy salsa and tortillas and sit outside to eat them at
8:45;) goooood times.
Cute PAUBLO gave us a back of candy! He was like I dunno if y'all will
be able to trick or treat this year ;)

I'm so happy to be able to serve my mission. This Saturday we have
transfer calls. Tying hard to be in tune with the spirit to be able to
accept Gods will, and know he has a plan and a purpose for all things
:) wish me luck!
Thank you for your love, support and prayers. Until next week,
Con amor,

 Hermana EASTWOOD(: