Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

we had an awesome Zone meeting this week, with really good trainings. It inspired me to want to be even more obedient and diligent in my work, i want to be able to be home and say i worked. hard.
its so crazy this is the last week of the transfer! i really hope i stay here, with hma orellana:) but i know what ever happens, will be whats supposed to happen. i know god has a will for me to do, and a will for this mission and this area. i am trusting that i will be where i am supposed to be.
The little things matter! There are miracles every day, if we look for them :) 
Here are some of the miracles I saw this week:
1.we were in a lesson, and our investigator wouldn't pray...we got on our knees and stayed there for 15 minutes, and he prayed!!!! Talk about Persistence haha 
2.our English class students asked US if we could read the Book of Mormon for class:) they're going back to Guatemala next week I AM SO SAD. My missionary friends over there need to get on them :) 
3.*Favorite.* A few months ago with Hermana smith we met a lady at the gas station, she saw us filling up our bike tires. She said she'd bring us a pump, and we could meet her at the church that night.....she wasn't there. So a few weeks later we saw her at a different gas station! And she gave us the pump, (she had kept it in her car for us haha) and we gave her a card with Jesus on it :) then, this week, we were knocking and she opened the door!! I was like what?! There's no coincidence that our paths crossed three times. We had a good lesson with her, and it was just a great miracle ok?:) we sent her as a referral for the elders, I was so happy to see her again:) 

i am so grateful for my mission so far, the hard parts, and the good parts, i am so grateful. I've realized that us as missionaries don't always see the difference we're making, but I know when we work hard, we are making a difference.  i love being here, not thinking about myself, and just focusing on others. Focusing on this area, our investigators, the members, the less actives, our neighbors, missionaries, and my companion. It feels so good to be able to represent Jesus Christ. To be able to think of every situation I'm in, what he would do. That thought inspires me to do all I can, and to be the best I can. 
This week my testimony of the Book of Mormon had grown a lot. when we really sincerely pray, and search for answers-we receive them. its so amazing how we can truly liken all the scriptures to our lives so specifically.
I'm so grateful!
K bye.
Ps we went to gr8 clips so my hma could get her haircut. HOLLA at u mom.
Ps spencer I heard a song from Taylor swifts cd. S/o to your girly side and your obsession with her.

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