Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

 so we had a baptism! so cool! his name is kevin and he is 10 and his family is the cutest!
his dad has worked so hard and was able to get the priesthood and baptize him, and confirm him as a member and give him the gift of the holy ghost!
it was so special and the cutest things ever(((: i was so happy!
i invited an investigator to be baptized! for august 30th!
his name is juan carlos, and we met with him once and talked about the restoration. then the second time we met with him, we read from 3 Nephi 11 when Jesus is ministering to the people. and my heart was beating so fast and the spirit was with me and i invited him! and he said yes and it was wonderful!! i am so excited it made me so happy-cause i was in spanish too! it really helped me :) we see him Wednesday i am so excited to continue teaching him and watching him progress to baptism!(:
my mission president was so sweet, he emailed me and told me lots of nice things haha and gave me a scripture to read, i think its 2 kings 6:16, it was so nice of him-he's the best!

and also fun fact im starting to get tanlines! haha from my watch and my HLJ ring, -- Has lo justo -- do the just--choose the right :) thats exciting to me haha
also i get to ride my bike again this week! so pumped about that! its gonna be so hot and its so humid and crazy, but i love it and im excited:)
also this cute little girl at church yesterday told me i smell like a unicorn sooo holla.
also i tried mole this week! its like a cocoa spicy sauce you put with chicken, lots of people dont like it but i loved it i thought it was so good! haha what! so that was exciting (:
and also yesterday at church they introduced me!  i went up and talked about my self and bore my testimony and it was kinda like super scary but i did it! and its funny cause that morning in branch council, i felt bad cause the presidency was kinda making fun of my spanish i felt like, so when i sat down after speaking, they were impressed hah so i felt better.
the ward is so sweet to me, theyre so encouraging and supportive! i feel a lot better this week:) i love my ward mission leader! i need a pic with him. hes just so sweet and says the best things to me, like i played the piano for the baptism but i was a little rusty cause i havent practiced for a while, so he said thank you to me and i said sorry it wasnt thr best and things like taht, and he said no you tried and i am thankful. as long as you try, youre doing what you should be.
and it made me feel so good! cause im trying so hard with EVERYthing! and i know i am working my hardest and doing my best :)
another sweet thing he said to me was "as a missionary youre never comfortable, but when youre out of your comfort zone thats when you grow the most." and that was what i needed to hear! cause everything i do is sooo far out of my comfort zone. but i still work hard to be more comfortable and confident, and i know i can do it cause i know the lord is on my side :) 

one elder i knew from the beginning of being here in tennessee, is going home tomorrow! he was the PA for a while so him and all those other elders came and picked us up from the airport! they are all so happy and inspire me to work hard so i can be a good missionary like they are (: Anyways, he was so nice to me and has said so many encouraging things to me to help me out. my favorite was, "take your imperfections and make them perfect."
and i know i am working on those, and i will be okay!(: 

im working so hard on my spanish, and im participating a lot more in the lessons and knocking so i am happy with that! i know the lord is helping me and watching over me and he knows what hes doing, and i know hes guiding me :)

ps fun fact there are fireflies here and oh my gosh im in love!! its so cool!
i love you guys so much!!
-hermana eastwood

Paige is loving her new bike!

Paige and her trainer eating some "authentic Tennessee sushi"

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