Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014

HOLA!!!! so this week was great, i wrote down things everyday i wanted to tell you guys so you'll actually get a kinda decent email today! haha okay so first, this is sooo cute! we got latina hermanas in our casa, and they are the funnest! they help me with my spanish cause i practice talking to them-my spanish is improving A TON by the way! I'm so happy!:) anyways, so this one latina hermana had a cute bow in her hair, and i was like oh me gusta (i like that,) and she took it out of her hair and gave it to me! haha it was so cute and now i have an adorable bow! and i wrote her a thank you note, in spanish, and gave it to her, then the next day she came up to me and was like "your note was so sweet it made me cry I'm gonna put it in my journal tonight i love you,"
okay also on sunday, i gave the lesson for sunday school on being an example-it was scary haha but i did it and it was great! it went really well and i know its because I've been praying for the spirit and help- it was a great experience. also i played the piano for sacrament meeting which was great it was so fun! I'm so glad i can play-our sacrament meeting is with the entire zone, like 30 missionaries, and the branch presidency and sometimes their families-its in this cute little room and its so good, and they randomly pick like 5-6 missionaries to give a talk, so we all prepare one for every week. i was picked again! 2nd talk, holla at me ;) it was on personal revelation and i did really well. i do have a problem though, haha cause i always smile and laugh and I'm wondering if that drives the spirit away, or what so idk i wanna work on that. so sunday was great as usual!
and also tonight our zone is singing for the devotional, Gran Eres Tu, (how great thou art) and it is funny cause i joined the choir the first week (LOL) then quit cause well obvious reasons i cant sing, but then yeah iim singing tonight haha but its so pretty! i LOVE singing the spanish hymns they sound so good and really bring in the spirit.

and this is cool, the other night i wrote in my journal entirely in spanish so it was sick! i felt amazing haha
and I'm learning so much! i love it- i love the spirit i feel and how happy i am. my district is amazing cause we have times where we goof off together, but then the spirit we share with each other is absolutely wonderful and i love it. 

ALSO at gym everyday i play volleyball and basketball and not to brag or anything but i basically almost wreck everyones day in speed-haha like 2 times i almost won! it was down to me and one other elder, lets just say i let him win;) haha but gym is so fun i love it! and I'm able to work out for like 20 minutes in the morning, its not much but its better than nothing! i can run and do sit ups and push ups and i actually get sore its funny haha but its good!

oh and holla at you guys for the 4th of july this week-just remember while you're celebrating americas birthday, you're also celebrating my 1month mark!! light off at least 30 fireworks for me okay?:)
it rains all the time here i love love it! so fun we run through it to our houses haha i love it but its cold but no one cares! haha

also its great cause guess what i have 1 more p-day here!!!!! in 2 weeks ill be in Tennessee! wowowowowowoW!!!

also Hermana Hoferitza and i got called to serve as sister trainers, we are over 10 sisters in our zone, its great hah well we haven't had to do anything yet cause we don't till fridays, but its cool to have another responsibility. 
i finished teaching my 2 investigators, and out of the 3 I've had, all of them are getting baptized hehe:) we get two new ones on wednesday!

also i saw elder bartlett FINALLY! id been waiting all week and finally on saturday i saw him. He's doing great! it was great to see him that day too cause i was struggling and sad and then he was like PAIGE and I'm like wait who is saying my name no one knows that and it was just great fun. haha him and his companion are adorable and their classroom is right next to mine so i see him always! also i got the package from him-oh my gosh it was lovely. my district loves you for the candy-thanks so much!!!!:)


also thats basically me week-wait one more thing haha its a great thing cause theres this AWESOME virus going around, and I'm so sick. haha like its awful. and its funny cause our whole district is sick so we all know what were all going through, so we feel for each other and pray for each other. its terrible its literally like theres a demon in my stomach haha like the exorcism movies haha. other than that, its great great great being a missionary!! i love it and i love learning here :) love you all so much, and miss you!!

PS: I've been assigned to TUTOR AN ELDER IN MY DISTRICT IN SPANISH! that must mean I'm pretty good haha its great cause he's parkers twin and i love him!
anyways bye

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