Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014

so this week was great 
before i forget-i got a letter from Grandma B!!! and i wrote her one a couple weeks ago, i hope she got it! (: her letter was so sweet and uplifting! also did you guys get my letters yet??!
so we had an ice cream party on the 4th, so great, and i wore red white and blue and the CCM Presidents complimented me and it was great cause #browniepoints haha they're so cute! it was a fun day, and during lunch the whole cafeteria sang patriotic songs holla!
okay so also all my latino friends left this week! but its so funny cause they all wanted to email me so i gave them my email and it was just adorable haha thats all.

Also I'm dreaming in spanish! like hard core. i go to bed and i cant fall asleep cause I'm thinking in spanish haha and i dream that I'm teaching people and its in spanish and i wake up speaking spanish and its so fun! i really love spanish, obviously I'm not perfect, but I'm improving so much and I'm able to understand so much and speak so much better! love it! 
also its funny cause Beyonce is stuck in my head ALL THE DAYS! its fantastic. and one elder in my district always quotes friends with me and its so fun! (:

and also k so I'm really sick still, have been for a week, so on sunday night i asked my district leader for a priesthood blessing. and it was amazing. (yesterday i was better, but today its bad again...just fyi) all the elders in my district joined in the circle. and it was just amazing the spirit was so strong. almost the exact instant they put their hands on my head i started crying! and i heard my district leaders voice, but i felt the Lord speaking to me and it was so so amazing. the spirit was so strong and i am so grateful for the priesthood and the blessings we all can receive from this gospel. i know this church is true, and i know that we can put all our trust in the lord, and he will help us. he doesn't let us struggle for no reason, we need to have faith that everything happens to us, for our own benefit and growth. I'm so grateful I'm on my mission, and I'm learning and growing so much! my testimony is so much stronger and i have so much more faith and trust in my heavenly father, i know i can get through anything.
 i am so excited to share this beautiful message with the people of Tennessee NEXT WEEK!!!
GUYYS. holy cow next week! (: 

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