Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24th, 2014

sup! so this week was good. i only have 10 minutes left to write this I'm sorry!! but its been good. 
k its really hard and I'm still so scared and nervous and anxious but, its good cause i get to feel the spirit all the time!! its amazing! i cant believe the love that the lord has for every single one of us. i love it. i love being able to learn about Christ's life, and his sacrifices for us. and everything. i am so happy i am here, working in place of christ, to bring his children to him. and to save them.
i am so thankful for families. its so hard being away from you guys, but i know its for a good reason, because i know well be together for eternity. but those people in Tennessee, they don't know that. and the lord needs me to share that glorious truth with them. i am so blessed for this opportunity! 
today we got to go OUTSIDE OF THE CCM! ahhh yes! to visit the Mexico city temple (under construction) so the visitors center. so amazing, and the spirit was so strong. i got the impressions that i am going to have a great mission, touch so many peoples lives, and even tho spanish is hard and i cant speak that great, the lord is on my side and he is helping me every step of the way. even when i feel alone and like he's not there, i later realize he is. and that i learn from the times I'm at my lowest. i am grateful for prayer, and the power each of us are blessed with to be able to talk with god at anytime. i am so thankful for the plan of salvation, and I'm so happy i get to share it with others.
i love Mexico why can i not leave the ccm more! hahah its so crazy and fun and ugh. i will send lots of pictures!:) i love you guys so much and i love this church!i miss you like crazy, but i know I'm where I'm supposed to be. i know if we pray to the lord, specifically, he will help us. he is always there and he loves us so much, and he wants to hear from us! i pray for you guys all day everyday, and i know you're okay. thank you for everything!
sorry this email is weird, its not about anything that really happened this week, but just my testimony which is okay right?:) i love you!!!!!! thanks for everything!

PS: Holla its my halfway mark! haha 3 more weeks to go! party. haha sorry maybe you can add this to my blog too.
thanks so so much for doing that! my friends tell me they love it, even my comps mom! haha
thanks so much, i love you all so much and i cant wait to see you haha in 17 months no biggie, but its chill! i love you!!!
talk to you next week:)

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