Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10th, 2014 - First week in the Mexico MTC!

so that family that took our pic at the airport, the missionary is in  my district! going to oklahoma, he's very nice. and i have 6 elders and me and my companion in my district. its very fun! 4 of them are going to the SLC mission LOL but i love them and its fun, its hard cause they're so distracting and they just talk while i'm trying to work, but i keep working. maybe thats why i was put with them, so i could work on my self-discipline. anyways. i know i'm put with them also because they teach me and i teach them and its good. apparently im good at spanish cause everyone asks me questions like how to say this haha its funny they're like how did you get so good? haha what!!??! anyways we sit with natives at meals cause they help me learn spanish and they're so nice and ya. and my branch president is awesome! he's like 30 or 32 but he's a cute little mexican and he's just so nice and sweet. and my teacher got off his mission 1.5 months ago and served in PRovo! so ya.

my spanish is actually coming along pretty well!!! well actually, my spanish is bad, and now my english is bad! when i speak in english i have a funny accent and i talk like i do in spanish its weird. but its fun! i am proud of myself for how i am, and i keep pushing myself to learn more. also yeah ive been able to focus which is also an amazing blessing!

the first night i freaked out SO HARD. i wasn't home sick (sorry) i just kept thinking, how in the world am i supposed to be doing this for 18 months!? i freaked out and got so scared and nervous that i would come home early. and i had those feelings even before i left, and i still do, but when they come i just pray so hard. im sorry, you told me to tell you how i really feel, not just the good things.

but i am okay, i just keep praying and taking it day by day, moment by moment, getting through it and learning and trying.

i taught my investigator 3 times, and committed him to baptism for july 5th! what! haha his name is roque and he's 28 and he's the cutest little guy!!!! i taught him about prayer and the Book of Mormon and stuff like that and eternal families and he has a testimony of joseph smith now (oh ya he's catholic) and its just amazing to see him so happy and nice! teaching him makes me feel so good and happy and i love it! whenever i end teaching him, i just want to go tell everyone how good this gospel is and how happy it can make you and how much love heavenly father has for each and everyone of us! 

ugh but its so hard hahaha i'm dying!!! i keep trying though, cause i know theres a reason i'm here, and theres a reason its hard, to make me stronger and better!

my testimony has grown so much!

don't worry about me i am okay, when its hard i just push through it untill it gets easier and i feel better.
ii love you and pray for you sooo much!!!} i haven't prayed this much ever hahah!

i have like 20 min left and i'm sad haha i had so much anxiety this morning knowing i could email you guys, idk why cause its a good thing! but yeah idk. next week probably around 8:30 here ill get on, so maybe 730 there so maybe watch out! if not it'll be around this time or lunch time! i love you guys soooo much!!! 

I love you so much so much!!!
Talk to you next Tuesday!

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