Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17th, 2014

hello family!!!! so last tuesday at the devotional, oh my gosh so funny it rained so hard!!! it flooded the auditorium haha and we were on the front row and had to move to the back and it was hilarious. and also it was cool cause quentin l cook spoke for like 30 minutes about nothing. and then when we were finally all settled and ready and he spoke about missionary work and having confidence and knowing you're capable and stuff. it was perfect timing and i know it was from the Lord!

dad, happy fathers day!! on sunday at sacrament meeting i was crying so hard! because one of the members of our branch presidency was saying how he has already received 2 texts today from his children, and all i thougght of was i wouldve texted my dad if i could! i also wouldve hugged you so hard and cried to you how much i love you!!! i love you so much daddy! you are the most amazing dad ever and i am so lucky. you teach me so much and you inspire me to be better everyday. the branch presidency also said dont you wanna make your dad proud? and i cried even harder! dad all i want in life is to make you proud to have me as a daughter haha i'm serious, i have always lived my life with you in mind, and i really just want to make you happy:) i love you dad, i hope you had a great fathers day!!

also one more fun story:last night at 3 am we had to move houses! what! haha apparently its serious too. the carbon monoxide alarm went off cause theres a gas leak or something, haha awkward. so we moved, and I don't know if it was just for the night, or for ever! but it was an adventure. all i remember was waking up at 3 and getting into some van and being taken to a different house haha if i weren't in the CCM i would be a lot more worried haha

okay so this week was good! we got 2 new investigators : Alberto and Luiz. 
my teachers are the best!! so patient and loving and they really care about us, i am so grateful! }my spanish is improving i think.
my english is getting worse too so i think that means something haha i have a lot of bad days, but i just use the good moments to get me through the bad times. it is hard, cause i get so scared and nervous to prepare lessons and to teach them, its so scary! cause i don't know how to speak, and what i don't know how to teach!? but I'm trying really hard, and I'm not giving up. 
whoever the lord calls, the lord qualifies.

also we had a practice teaching our companions in ENGLISH and it was so easy, and we were all like what this is so easy! and our teacher is like yeah thats why you were called in spanish speaking, cause english would be too easy for you.

even though its really hard work, i'm so glad i'm here. not only so that i can bring others to the love i feel, and the peace and happiness i get when i think about our savior and all the blessings we receive from being members of this church, but also i am happy i get to strengthen my own testimony!especially on sundays and tuesdays (devotionals) because i really get to focus on myself, and not teaching/preparing for others. its great.
oh also watch these mormon messages : enduring love, and continue in patience.
they were great and i may or may not have cried during the first one. haha 

i love you all so much and i literally pray for you all the time! every night, morning, meal. just always. i love you all so much i hope you're all doing good, i know you are cause i pray. 

talk to you next week :)


Hermana Eastwood and her companion

Hermana Eastwood in front of the Mexico MTC

Paige's instruction building

Paige and the other missionaries in her MTC district.

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