Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hermana Eastwood has arrived in Mexico City!

We just received Paige's first "official" missionary email! She sounds so happy and excited to be finally in the MTC in Mexico. She got her name tag and says she is so excited to officially be a sister missionary!! Here is her email:

GUYS i made it!!!! 
right when i entered the gate i have been so happy! i was greeted by 13 other missionaries! and it was good cause on my flight to texas we had an empty seat in the middle {i had the aisle} so i got to sleep a little! i had weird dreams
haha anyways then we all hung out in the airport and it was cute cause we were bonding! there is an elder on my flight who is going to nashville too so thats cool! some of the elders graduated 5 days ago!
anyways OH HEY this lady in the airport at customs in mexico took my picture with sister clark (my friend from high school) and i wrote down dads number did she send it to you?! it was cute and she gave me a hug from you hahah!!
the bus ride was good it was really cool to ride through the city!! its so authentic and fun! but we cant go outside but its okay. also spanish is crazy when they talk fast but im excited! 
and there are lots of taco shops on the street and men selling tamales and fruit haha 
it really has been great so far! and we get to go eat dinner soon then they said we can do whatever, even sleep if we want!!!!!:) 
and my P day is on tuesdays! so yayyy! and its all good, everyones very nice. 
i am rooming with some girls from my flight, and some girls i met through the sister missionary facebook page.
also mom that lady that took my pic said get on the support group on facebook called missionary mommas ahah she encouraged it a lot.
i love you guys so much and dont worry cause as of right now i am doing just fine and i am happy and feel good! i got my name tag yay!!!!
oh ps my class room that im gonna basically live in is the Lorenzo Snow classroom so thats just totes cute.
i love you guys so much!!!!!!!!

talk to you on tuesday!!(:
Love, Paige!!

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