Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hi guys!
This week was crazy. Haha first of all fun fact I ate lamb on Tuesday:)
Secondly, on Wednesday we had interviews with the president and holy
cow that was awesome! He and his wife are so inspired, i loved
talking with them, they helped me a ton!
Thursday I gave my first training in district meeting, SCARY! Haha i
was told I did well, but idkkkk….I’m glad it’s over, until next time

Also I’m giving a talk this Sunday :) HOLLA @ Spanish! Tight.
Also our car broke this week! #1stworldprobs so we rode bikes, which I
LOVE, more than the car, but my companion hates it so she wasn’t too
happy haha. But Tuesday night our car got possessed likeee legit and
so we rode our bikes. And took it into the shop on Wednesday, which
MIRACLE! K awesome, it has to do with prayer.

We were driving to the mechanic, and our car freaked out. We were on
the side of the rode, and then it worked again. So we went on the main
rode, and awkward it stopped working in the middle! So it was
sketchy…haha but then we said a prayer that we would make it to the
Toyota parking lot safely. So after the prayer, we sat for a bit, then
yolo’d and started driving again. It was windy and rainy. And so we
were .2 miles away. And I was gonna get out and push it through the
intersection! Haha but it worked! So we made it and turned left
through the intersection, and literally barely made it into the
parking lot. Then it died, for good. IT WAS SO COOL. our prayer was
answered, so specifically! We made it into the parking lot!(: also I
got to get out and push the car to the people, so remember how I
always wanna do that? Like run out of gas and have to push the car?
YAY IT HAPPENED ON MY MISSION HEHEHE. but seriously, I know god
listens and answers our prayers, even if it’s at the last minute.

Also another miracle, we were at the church on Saturday unexpectedly
for one hour, and a man named Adiel walked in and asked when the
Spanish service is? So we said tomorrow, and guess what, he come to
church! And we had nothing planned for Tuesday afternoon, and that is
the only time he can meet with us this week! Miracle! The Lord led us
to the church at that specific time on Saturday, and made it so we
were free on Tuesday, miracle :)

Haha also Juan Carlos is the bomb, he’s the one I invited to be
baptized my first or second week. I felt really good in our last
lesson with him, last night. All I did was cry faith and repentance,
and that’s what we need to do. All is possible by having faith, and
repenting, coming clean so we can be worthy to live with our father in
heaven again.

Welp, it’s super hot and humid here as usual, basically sweat buckets
on the daily, but we love it! can hardly wait for fall and winter:)
the Hispanics are my bffs and oh hey yeah we made tamales yesterday!
I love all you fools! Have a great week and remember to say your

prayers and brush your teeth!(:

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