Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hola amigos!
This week was preeetty cool it rained a ton! Haha I don’t know what to
say in these emails cause I forget everything. We have zone conference
this Wednesday, get to drive through Nashville YAY! And were gonna do
my first exchange on Friday yikes! Haha nah it’s chill. I gave a talk
yesterday and it was good! Hana in Spanish what!? Everyone said I did
good, and I’m very grateful. They’re so nice.
My Spanish is really improving I can tell! I’m speaking up a lot more
and getting more comfortable every day:)

We had two homies come to church yesterday! Euguino and vicente ,
(somehow it took us 7 weekdays to realize his name is Eugine in
English.. Haha no idea how it took so long for that, but it was a
happy time haha k random by sorry)
But they’re awesome!
We have a bunch of friends! (Investigators). And today the branch is
having a party cause #diadetrabajo and so we invited all our friends
to come and play futbol! WE GET TO WEAR PANTS.  Yes. And all our
friends love futbol so they’ll all come and make friends then they’ll
come to church :) hehe yay.

We met some cool people this week, and just hearing how much they open
up to us at the first visit, really strengthens my testimony on how I
have the spirit, and am representing Christ.

I really just want to help these people. Honestly. I want to help them
find the happiness I have through this gospel. Because I know I can be
with my family forever, and that is so comforting. (CAUSE I LOVE YOU
GUYS YALL ARE MY ROCK-seriously though, where would I be without you
guys? ) I want others to know that too. I want to let them know how
they should live their life, and that it’s not hard to keep the
commandments when you look at the big picture. I mean it’s always
hard, cause satans cray, but I know if we pray for strength, not for
no temptations, we can do it! (:

Imma go play futbol now YAY! Happy Labor Day!(:

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