Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

this week was good, we had exchanges on thursday! it was so great! Hermana Jensen is  A DOLL! she's going home in a few weeks, and she taught me so much.
I've learned i need to take this moment by moment, work hard, but also enjoy it! laugh! smile! yeah.

i’m still very afraid of knocking, but I'm glad i endured this week! we met so many awesome people! todo van a ser bautizado!!!

:) seriously though, i am excited for this week, to go back and visit them and teach my little heart out! and i am excited to meet more people this week too. Imma work so hard!
i had a fun experience, we were at the door of one of our investigators, we were gonna set up a date with him and everything!(saturday) and he wasn't home, so we were waiting for a bit. then he called us, (he's in North Carolina) and Hermana Smith talked to him, cause she can understand phone spanish better than me haha) so while she was on the phone, hermano kaelberer and i were chatting, and then i saw a guy so i walked over and talked to him! WHAT! (i was scared but did it (: ) and we were talking and he was like i wanna go to church! and i was like well perfect thats what we’re here to do. so we gave him a pamphlet and the address and our phone number and everything, and it was an amazing contact! and i felt so good, cause we have the church and he has been looking for it, and the cool thing is, he didn't even live there! talk about right place right time!
and earlier that day i had been talking to hermano kaelberer (ward mission leader) about how i have been so shy on my mission. and after this contact, he was like HERMANA EASTWOOD great job tonight! you did so good and you had an amazing contact.
i seriously wanted to cry! it was so nice, and just what i needed to hear:)

then after we had about 20 minutes before we could go home, so we went to kroger to tract! and we played an ‘i dare you’ game and when we see people we dare each other to talk to them. i was so scared! but i did it, and i am grateful because i had fun and we talked to nice people, no hispanics though haha we need to go to a mexican gas station next time :)
im pumped cause we’re gonna go get ice cream today, cause its half off somewhere haha fun fact for ya ;)

we have about 2 weeks left of this transfer, and im determined to work so hard!
we have a few people who can be baptized, we just need to meet with them and get them to commit! i know if i work hard, and have faith in the lord, i will have the confidence to do what i need to do, and they will be able to know the truth. i get nervous when thinking of inviting them to be baptized, but i know i shouldn't. baptism is the door to eternal life! to happiness! to being able to live with our families, and our HEAVENLY FATHER once again! its so happy!
i had some humbling experiences this week-i cant use a lot of details cause confidentiality and what not:)
but there is always so much to worry about, sometimes we forget about what others are going through.

as much as we pray for ourselves and our own safety, success, and happiness, we should [pray for that for others as well. i’ve learned, especially being a missionary, as much as i want something for myself, i should think of others first. i should want it for them MORE.
i want to be with my family forever, i am here helping others realize they want that too, and HOW they can get it! i want to be happy, and i am here sharing the gospel, the way to everlasting happiness, with those who dont have it!

thank you for your prayers, i can feel it. i know i couldn't do this alone, without the help of our father in heaven. i am so grateful for the power of prayer, and that he knows us perfectly. i know if we try our best, we will be blessed by his help for our efforts :) we are never alone!
love you all, have a great happy week! :)
con amor,

hermana eastwood:)

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