Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

so weird week, not too exciting. i dont know what to say. haha saturday my trainer was a bridesmaid in a wedding for her recent convert! so we roadtripped up to nashville!
there were 4 hermanas and 2 elders in the wedding!
so i got to hang out with everyones companions, while our companions were all in the wedding! it was so fun to get to know other hermanas, and to talk about missionary work and to get motivated and advice and stuff(: elder spiker, was in the wedding! holla! i remember when we were in 9th grade we were office aides together, haha now we’re serving the lord together, in spanish!(: he’s doing awesome!!
this week we had the car and had to fix a bunch of things on it, (for whatever reason we always have problems ha a) so that cut into our missionary time!!

we went tracting and met this lady named esperanza-shes so cute! shes like i wanna come to church!! and so we are gonna go back this week and teach her and shes gonna get baptized :)
we had zone conference on wednesday!! it was so good! we learned about the power of prayer, the atonement, integrity, and our power and authority. it was so motivating! i got so pumped to go out and work!!!!!
that night, we were at dinner at a members house (what!? thats a first, no just kidding hah) and the mom was not being too nice to me about my spanish, and i felt so bad! especially since earlier that day i was so motivated and pumped to be a missionary!
i realized fast it was satan, he could tell i was doing okay, so he hit me again!
i prayed so hard and i just realized i am so much stronger than him, we all are! we can overcome anything, through prayer and having faith not only in ourselves but in our heavenly father, and our savior jesus christ.
i know through praying to our heavenly father we can receive strength. HE LOVES US SO MUCH. he knows exactly what we go through, and he is there to help. i am so grateful i know i have a loving father on earth (S/O DADDY YOU ROCK!) and in heaven.

i am so grateful i have the gospel in my life, i’ve seen it bless me so much, and i am SO GRATEFUL to know i can be with my sweet sweet family for ever and ever! knowing that, makes it easier to be away from them for 18 months. i dont know what i would do if i thought we couldnt be an eternal family. thats why i am on my mission, to bring this happiness to those who dont know! this gospel brings me happiness even when im sad or feeling like a terrible missionary, and knowing there is a way to happiness, motivates me to keep going, to share my happiness~!
i feel like i say that always, but its true!(:
its whatever.
i don’t really know what to say now…
im thankful to be in a place where i can hit taco bell whenver—doritos locos for dayysss!!!
shoot i remembered i need to email my president, hah so this is all!

love you guys!!!!!

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