Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th, 2014

this week was goood, its getting cooler here so holla! haha i can see my spanish improving a lot, still got a long ways to go, but i know i can do it! i have the lord on my side :) (<—thats what the mission president said to me my first Pday here, so i’ve kept that in mind ever since :) )
hes the one we set a baptismal date with my first 2 weeks here!
and we told him a few weeks ago he needs to get married, and we were finally able to meet with his woman, sofia! and they talkedabout marriage, and we’re like hey we can help!
haha so we’re so happy! he finally came to church!
its cool, cause hma smith wanted to give up on him, but i had faith and felt that we shouldnt give up just yet. HEY good thing we didnt, cause looky! miracle! he came and we were so happy, and he liked it! :) i have faith that he and sofia will get married, and he will get baptized, and we will also be able to convert sofia  (catholic) and it will be a whole family of happiness YAY!:)
we went to the temple this friday, it was absolutely amazing and perfect timing!
i have had a hard time this week, because i just havent been feeling very good about myself, cause i havent been feeling loved.

But, at the temple, i just felt an overwhelming feeling of the Lord’s love for me, and it really just changed everything. i know whenever we are sad, we can turn to him and if we are patient, in his own timing he will help  us. all we need to do is keep the faith, and show our trust in him. Give our Will’s up, and do His. he knows better than any of us what is best, and we need to trust him :)
this week, is finally my first exchange, im excited! ill be staying in my area, so im nervous, but i trust that god knows what he’s doing, and i’ll be able to do it :)
i am also determined to be so diligent at knocking this week!
this literally freaks me out like nothing else-i have no idea why also! its just talking to people inviting them to salvation and whatnot…no biggy. but its just super scary and i am determined to LOVE it and to keep trying, and not give up-even when i feel awkward. its fine haha.
we met some cool people this week, and had some really good lessons.
my favorite is teaching about the Atonement, because the spirit is always so strong, and i know im in the right place, doing what im supposed to be doing.
i hope everyone has the happiest week ever!
remember Christ knows exactly how we feel at all times, and when  we reach out to him, i know he will bless us with the comfort and strength we need, if we are patient and trusting :)
con amor,

hermana eastwood

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