Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

this week we went on surprise exchanges! hermana holman came here and hermana orellana went to buena vista with hermana smith! 
it was really fun-hermana holman sure taught me alot.
 i can tell i am improving, and honestly my testimony is growing so much, i love being out here i am so grateful i have this opportunity, and i am so grateful for my calling.
this branch is amazing, i am so thankful for their examples to me. they just put God first, and have faith that if they do as they should, everything will work out. 

we met this guy named david a few weeks ago, and we went back to teach him and met pedro, then went back to teach him and met jorge, then went back to teach him and met erica! 
so basically, we're gonna teach that whole household its no biggy:)
but its really cool, cause erica is 11, and the men are older (her dad and cousins/uncles), & theyre really strong in their own religion, but every time we talk to them they are very interested, and i think that we've crossed paths for a reason. i am excited to be able to teach them and im going to work very hard to help them in everything they need.

last night was really cool, the Boro ( cool. its fine haha) had a fireside for the youth! and the Nashville Tribute Band came! (i had never heard of them before my mission, but they sing songs to bear their testimony and the missionaries can have their music for free. and everyone in TN is obsessed with them.. theyre actually really cool!)

so we got to go! and we brought our investigator Ariel, (parker would be best friends with him. hes this 25 yr old from guatemala! haha but yeah i can just see them being so tight.(PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY S/O) )
anyways. so we went to the fireside and watched them play. and for like half the concert they had allll the missionaries go up and sing with them!! it was so cool!!! all the parents and some of the future missionaries and youth were crying! it was so cool. the spirit was so strong. i hadnt realized how much of an impact i have as a  missionary. it was a really cool moment.

this gospel is so good, and its amazing how much everyones lives are touched by the spirit. i am so glad to be a missionary, and to have the opportunity to see the gospel work in the lives of others, to see the impact and how much it means to others, and to see my gratitude grow. i am so grateful to be here, i am learning so much.i am testifying as best as i can, and i know no effort is wasted-i am trying to help people in any way they need, cause i know thats what Christ would do. 
i am grateful to be able to grow so much closer to him and learn about him and strive to follow his example. its amazing to me that he trusts me, with all my faults and weaknesses, to be his representative and to preach his gospel to his children. 

i know everything happens for a reason. and we need not question God. i know we can pray to him for the strength we need, and i know he is watching out for us. i know we can do all we are asked, when we turn to him and put our trust in him. i know he loves us all.
TENNESSEE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. the leaves are amazing and it is so fun to ride our bikes down the road and see how pretty it is(: 

happy fall and happy halloween!(:
con amor(:

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