Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

hi everyone!!
this week was awesome!
monday night we had a tornado warning!! what?! so we couldnt go out and work, it was a bummer cause i was excited haha but just an extended Pday its fine?!
tuesday we had interviews with president, and had some awesome trainings by the asistants!!
we had  a pretty good week, lots of lessons, we've met a lot of cool people too, i have faith in them and i believe we will make miracles!!(:
david archuleta came and talk/SANG to us!
we had a surprise mission wide meeting last night in nashville, and he was in nashville to do his music!
what?! so he came to our meeting, and sang us a couple songs! his voice is an angel first of all its fine. haha but he told us stories of his mission and how he got there and all he learned, and his testimony. it was amazing. he is so humble! it was so great to hear about his mission, and how much it meant to him. 
we talked about music, surprise? but it was so cool to sing with all the missionaries, we sang probably 4 songs to try to bring the spirit, and holy cow! the spirit was so strong! i felt so happy to be a missionary! i couldnt stop smiling and i was singing so loud, everyone around me, their ears probably hurt cause i sound bad haha but i was just so happy to be here, and to feel the spirit(: its amazing how much music can affect us, and has the power to bring the spirit.
David Archuleta said that one of the attributes of christ we should strive to have, is virtue. i didnt think about that. i always think about patience, obedience, faith, love and charity.
but virtue! that got me thinking. 
our lives on earth is to strive to become like christ, we can't do that if we dont have the spirit with us. we cant have the spirit if we dont have clean thoughts.
like D&C 121:45
we need to strive to have virtuous thoughts always, and then we will be able to be more christ like, AND have the power to over come anything, cause we'll have his strength to help us though.

i am so grateful to be a missionary!! i know i am in the work of the Lord, and he is guiding it.
i love you all! have a great week!!(:

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