Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hey guys!! It's been raining all day it's so so fun:) cute fall day.
We had Weird week this week, as usual! Hahah the work is going so great, I love the Hispanic people they are so fun! And crazy, and loving. Feels right at home;) 
One random thing that happened, We went over to teach our friend Minerva, who has a baptismal date and she's such a cutie :), but we found out she moved! :( so we're gonna find her new address and send it as a referral to the missionaries in Nashville, so we were sad, but it's okay cause now like 4 men live in that house! We can teach them, miracle in the making?
We met some good potentials, I have faith that God is leading us to those who are ready, and he's preparing them, and me to be able to teach them :) 
TRAINING IS OVER! I made it! HOLLA!!!!! Hermana smith is leaving, she's going to be a sister training leader SO COOL, and I am staying in Murfreesboro! My new companion is Hermana orellana, I am so pumped!! I know God is working in this, and it will all work out if I keep trying, I am excited to work with hma orellana, we will do miracles :) 
Conference was SO good no?!
The last session, we had 4 investigators come! WOO!! And, MIRACLE, we set a date with one of them! Our friend Josue and his uncle Lionel, from Honduras. I am excited to teach them all the lessons and get them one step closer to Heavenly Father and eternal life.
Conference this weekend really made me take a step back. I am so grateful for this gospel. I am so grateful to have the knowledge that Jesus Christ, our savior, is leading us in this day, he loves us so much, he speaks to us through his prophet Thomas s Monson. It's so happy to tell people that and teach them! No matter how scary missionary work is, when I take a step back and think about it, OF COURSE ITS WORTH IT. As Missionaries we are bringing the happiest message to these people, that they are not alone, the have their savior with them always, and by acting on their faith, with our help, they can make the choices and changes so they can have salvation and eternal happiness with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and their families.

One thing I loved about conference this time, is this thought that came into my mind a million times:
I want to be just like Jesus. 
I want to be as humble as he is, as helping, as loving, as everything as he is!
How blessed we are to have him as our perfect example to follow, and how blessed we are to have the scriptures in our hands, to learn of him and to grow closer to him. As I learn more of him, I love him more and my gratitude grows. I know he knows us individually and I believe he loves us more than we can imagine, he wants us to do our best, and he is with us every step of the way helping us, he will never leave us alone. It's so comforting and happy, I am very grateful I have this time to dedicate my life to him and his gospel, and to share this happy message with those who need it.
We all should strive everyday to Become more like Christ :)

I love you all! Peace out from Tennessee :)
Hermana Eastwood

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