Monday, April 27, 2015

Clementina's Baptism

We have a huge miracle! I've known about a little hermanita named
Clementina for about a month. Or maybe a little more. Anyways, she's
from Honduras and moved to Smyrna, (close to my first area, the BORO,)
about seven months ago. She lives with a family who are members and
come all the way to providencia for church. She's been coming to
church with them too. She has wanted to get baptized for about the
past month or so, but I could never find her slash meet her! This
whole transfer I've been calling families and families trying to find
her. Finally last week, We got ahold of her. Thank goodness! We met
her on Monday, and worked our lil tushies off and met with her
everyday, annnndddd she was baptized on Saturday!!!!! There is no
doubt in my mind this is the Lords work. She's the most prepared
little person I've ever met! She is the sweetest and her prayers are
the best. She always says how she's so happy and is so excited for her
baptism, and she's thankful for the Hermanas to help her :) man I
don't know it was so fun to teach her and to work with her, I'm so
blessed to be here.
At her baptism I had a little moment. Our Ward Mission Leader had
everyone there raise their hand if they were found and taught by
missionaries. Every single hand went up. It was amazing, I always sit
at church and think of how grateful I am to be on my mission and to be
in this Ward, these members are SO STRONG, and to think it all started
with missionaries..It was just amazing.

We had a great week, we worked really hard and baked in the sun and
were soaked in the rain :) I love being here!

We had a real nice 3 hour bible bash with our dear friend Evelio last
night. He was baptized in August and he's from Cuba. #Stressful if I
talk more about it imma get overwhelmed again haha it was really
crazy, and hard, and being in the Bible Belt is great. bible bashes
are hard in English and Spanish. Haha cause the bible is hard and so
is English.. And Spanish.
But, life is good! We're all still alive and well:)
I've learned and realized we can do so much and really leave all the
rest to the Lord. We can do our part, and I know we can pray for help
we need and that the spirit can work through us to help touch the
hearts of others.:)
Byes yall have a great week!!!!!! :)
Hermana Eastwood

I like to share the gospel with everyone. and everything.
Happy earth day!
Clementinas baptism :)

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