Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

What a week! I don't know what's going on, the time is flying faster and faster...

Let's talk about Roberto. The hermanas in West Nash sent us a referral, for Roberto. He goes to the elders' English class. HE. IS. GOLDEN. He is the nicest man, we met at Hardees(tennessee's Carl's junior haha) and he bought us lunch the first time we met him! We gave him a Book of Mormon and he loved it! Then on Saturday, we taught him the Restauracion and he loved it so much. He agreed to be baptized on the 16th of May! We are seeing so many miracles over here, I am so grateful to be a part of this work, to be able to share my testimony with everyone I come in contact with.

Also 2 more miracle humans to share! Manuel-we met him in this sketchierr part of town. And he said hey can yall come back Monday night? My whole family will be home and I want you guys to teach us all. (Um, okay. ) we aren't usually in that area at night, so we asked if its okay if we get a ride with a member, and he said oh we can come pick you guys up! So we have scheduled it, and he is bringing his family to the church tonight so we can teach them! We are SO excited!!(: 

And Clementina. This little 13 year old girl is getti baptized next week. I've never met her. She's even coming to church for a while, and for about a month I've been working so hard to meet her and teach her! Finally, got a hold of her family and everything, and we have an appointment everyday scheduled for her so she can be baptized on Saturday. She is in YW with out ward mission leaders wife, and she said she's all ready and just needs the lessons!(: the Lord truly prepares his children, and I have a testimony that U.S. As missionaries, we are his instruments. Please keep Clementina in your prayers this week, that every night will go as planned (: 

We also had interviews this week! I LOVE PRESIDENT ANDERSON. Nuff said.

I went on exchanges this week with Sister Hochstrasser! She came to my area this time and it was sooo fun. We got a nice chocolate shake from a 14 year old boy, it had cocoa puffs and honey smacks crushed was interesting. Haha we were able to visit a lot of people! We saw lots of miracles :)  Earlier that morning we were talking about our missions and about what is a testimony. We said, a testimony if found in the bearing of it. 
I live off of that. I don't know everything, I am trying my best. We are all still learning together. As long as we are showing our faith and trusting in God, trying to do His work, he will help us. We were at a lesson with Pedro and Jeny, the cuuuutest investigators. And we had a member come with us! During the lesson, I was thinking a lot about my chat with sis H., and as I was testifying about this gospel and Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, I couldn't stop the tears from coming..I don't know everything, but I felt the spirit and was able to testify strongly and with love. Later that night, the member called us to see if I was okay. People are so good! 
I know God knows us personally, and all our struggles and weaknesses. I know he puts people into our lives for a reason, I know we can overcome everything when we put our trust in him.

I love these people. I can't imagine myself anywhere else. I am so grateful for my mission. 

Fun factys: 

Last Monday as we went out to work, well let me start this again. A few weeks ago we were walking home, and this nice lady gave us a ride. About a week later we saw her again, and found out where she lives..(we are creepy, but we weren't creeping...we were at the same apartment complex..) so we were trying to visit our friends, and we had a feeling to visit her and share the restoration with her! We thought, there's no coincidence we've seen her so many times. So we talked on her doorstep, and her neighbor was locked out, so he listened too. Afterwards, he brought us to his Pastors house cause he wanted her to hear our story and stuff.:) so we go over there and we're talking, and man it was so fun!!!! I'm obsessed with the south cause these people really love Jesus!!!! The pastor said to her friend, I feel tempted to pray for these ladies. Haha sooo she prayed for us, and it was just great. They want an invite for our weddings haha I LOVE PEOPLE. Then as we were starting our trek to the next apartment complex, the First Lady we had met a while ago, gives us a bag of food. #blessings.

My companion has an album called : Happy Eastwood. It's all our selfies-and it's cause I struggle at writing happy Easter. 

My lil roomy played a prank on us. My tag is now pink haha. 

We went out to eat with this cutest couple and I don't know if I've already told this story but we were eating like chicken and pasta and stuff and she said, Im only missing tortillas! Haha mannnn these Hispanics, they love their tortillas :)

Today we were feeling tourist-y so we went to Nashville! I love being there it is so fun:) even when we get rained on :):):) 

Love you allll have a great week!(: 

Hermana Eastwood 

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