Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Fourth of July from Tennessee!

God is real. God loves us. This week was amazing. 
We had a papusas and horchata for lunch on Tuesday, which is probably my favorite meals :) then we met this guy named Jose looking for a less active woman, but we didn't find her but Jose is awesome! We ended up having two more lessons with him with members and everything! He was reading the restoration pamphlet and the Book of Mormon and MAN we were just so excited about him! Such a miracle. He didn't come to church which was sad, but claro que si we have a lot of hope for him :) 
This is our next miracle: Melida. Hermana James and I met her one last week together, and she's just this SWEETEST lady and we've gone back weekly with Hermana flor, who is just awesome. In the past 3 weeks we've seen such a big change in her, because of the Book of Mormon. She's starting to read it, with a prayer, and is able to understand it. It's teaching me so much of the power in this book :) she came to church!!!! It was so happy, everyone was talking to her and were so happy to see her :) totes gonna make papusas with her this week too ;) #blessings.
We had a fun district meeting, I gave a training on helping and using the members, and elder spiked (LP shout out!) gave a training on commitments, it was really fun. I walked out just so happy and grateful to be here. I LOVE MY MISSION. I love my friends, I love the missionaries, and my investigators and these members. I am so blessed :) 
We had basically a flash flood in a crazy storm, SO FUN. I love Tennessee. We met with Ody, her husband and family are members. She wants to get baptized! But needs time or something. Keep her in your prayers, we love her (: 
Totes ate dinner from a taco truck this night, that was great. Life complete.
Thursday we did lots of knocking, and MAN I'm talking about right place right time. We met so many new people, and they're so interested, nice and prepared (: we're excited for the coming week to go back and teach them the gospel! 
We had a sweet miracle. A while back when elder spiker was here he was teaching a girl named Nancy. She would come to church and was super interested and they even helped her get married! Then they dropped off the face of the earth cause the husband wasn't interested. We went to visit them, and the husband said literally  I'm interested. Goes to show we plant seeds and it may not seem good at the moment, but with time those planted seeds grow and they can't be stopped :) #noeffortiswasted.
Basically I'm obsessed with my mission. and Tennessee. and everything. and I love my savior and I love being a missionary and I'm so grateful for all I'm learning and seeing happen. This is the Lords work :) 
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. You can bet I celebrated my freedom by going to bed at 9:) #Murica hope yall  had fun with fireworks! On Sunday they had all the missionaries, (the gringos...)stand up in front of everyone and sing America the beautiful...God Bless! 

Hermana Eastwood 

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