Monday, July 27, 2015

Hola família

Basically Hispanics are my favorite and I never wanna stop being a missionary.

We went out to lunch a couple times with this cute hermana, trying to help her do her visiting teaching, and when hey weren't home, we feasted :) I made hermana hoferitza try cow tongue this week, she didn't really like it....or me that much either for making her do it haha she's the best :) 
We had a fun family lesson with Ody, we talked about FAITH and we all planted seeds :) it was so fun!
We did a lot of knocking and finding new people! It's fun to go places you've never been before, I always lie the adventure. We went a little  farther on the busses this week to Go find the ovejas :) I love this work!nee always have the weirdest things happening when we knock, especially in the Tennessee HEAT. It's so hot here, but I can already tell I'm gonna miss it...anyways.
We had an awesome district meeting, probably the most spiritual ones I've had! I am so done being around dying missionaries. It's so hard. I just love them so much! What I learned from them is that We all just need to be so passionate about the gospel, and let it show :) 
We went to Olive Garden this week, I'm saying that because Hispanics call it Oliver garden and its darling. Then we visited Biviana, she's doing great!:) I LOVE HER. Her son, Hyrum, adopted me as his sister. Score!:)
Friday we planned, which I actually don't hate anymore :) then we visited Amanda, I love her. She's doing great. We all went to the lake on Saturday for a Ward activity, and everyone went swimming and it was fun:) 
That night we got the big phone call. Transfers. I'm leaving Antioch! I felt it coming, but I still am so sad and not ready. 
This is my place!  This is where I've come to know and love the gospel, and missionary work. Where I've strengthened my testimony. Where I've been so loved and where I've loved so much, and I've learned and grown and I know it's time for me to go, because I am comfortable haha. But I've loved my time here. I've been so blessed my whole mission, with wonderful areas, members, companions, and people in general. I am SO grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and my calling to serve him and preach his gospel.
I know the lord has a plan, and a reason for where I am going, and with who :) I am excited for this next part of the adventure that is my mission. 
Ody and her fammmmm
THe Ward missionaries 
My fun district 

Hermana Eastwood 

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