Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's definitely August in TN

What a great week!
On Wednesday we had Exchanges!! The Love of my life Sis Svedin came here to McMinnville with me! (These people are crazy, letting me take over the area after a week....haha. We biked all day, and had fun in the rain too...;) livin that missionary life. I love sister Svedin so MUCH!!!!! We had an awesome day, sip learned so much from her. We lived together for three months in Antioch:) she's an amazing teacher and so happy and sweet. 

On Thursday We had ZONE CONFERENCE. I loved it. I love being around all the missionaries, the spirit just makes me so happy. We learned about obedience, the spirit, faith and prayers and finding. It was an amazing day! 
On Fridays We go and do service for an assisted living center, we push the ladies around in wheelchairs and it's so fun :) 

Saturday.....aka LA MUERTE. But actually such a really good day. Let me explain.
We were SO TIRED. we had been riding our bikes since 10 am and no one was home/if they were they said they were busy..aka taking a Siesta #hispanicprobz so we just were goin and going and we did not have any idea how we were going to live this day. It. was. so. hot! But we ended having two lessons before dinner, 
-with PAUBLO a recent convert, so amazing. He's read the Book of Mormon, the doctrine and covenants and the pearl of great price. And now he's on round two. Also he started Jesus the Christ last week, and is almost done. He reads and reads and reads. I love him though cause he says, always, I'm happy
-And the next lesson was with  Andres and Lucy, Andrés fell off his roof before I got here, and got really injured. But they're a very nice couple, and said they'll be baptized!!!!:)
-After that, we went to the church and had a lesson with Onesimo. We teach him multiple times a week, cause he loves it but it's hard cause he tries to teach us...Pentecostal problems..and he talks SO... MUCH...but we are learning how to try to control it..but he's praying about baptism too! :)
-After that, Alberto another recent convert called and asked if we were busy and he said he was coming to the church with his kids, so we had a lesson with him:) BEST PART WAS: we were waiting inside for him, then grabbed some chairs to bring outside and we LOCKED OURSELVES OUT OF THE CHURCH. Everything, the keys, our iPads, our bags and our phone...so we use Alberto's phone to call the elders, and they come save the day! It was so funny! 
We ended up having a really great day on Saturday, even though it was so hot, we were happy cause we had the spirit with us. 
That's something I say all he time, but i think that's what I've learned the most on my mission, is how important and precious the spirit is, and the difference it can make. I know I was happy before my mission, but I'm just so much happier now. I just want to serve and I want to help every smile person in any way I can. I am so grateful to be a missionary,I love this work :) 

I'll end this letter with a quote and some over random things from Hermana Eastwood. 
"In sunshine and in shadow we look to Him, and He is there to assure and smile upon us." Gordon B. Hinckley.


Fun facts:
-Yall already know this, but Taco Bell just makes everything better:) 
-Don't take Benadryl at 2 in the afternoon...and then ride your bike. Just don't. But on the plus side, I slept really well that night ;)
-DADDY! I ate grits this week! ...not my favorite..

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