Monday, March 16, 2015


Here's a fun story about Martha: we met her about three weeks ago, she's from El Salvador and is about 60. She works a lot so we aren't able to find her home a lot, and she can't come to church. Yet. So we had given her a Libro when we met her. And We finally were able to teach her the restauracion on Tuesday. At the end, her son walks in...what happens?
 WE SIT THERE WHILE SHE TEACHES HIM THE RESTORATION. it was hilarious.. But she did such a good job, like it was perfect. We have an appointment with them tomorrow, I'm so excited. She's like our little grandma and we love her. 

This week we Totes got dropped, Julia and kedwin live with TWO MEMBERS and they've been learning for about two months. We haven't been able to meet with us for like 2 weeks cause they've been not answering and not home and it's sad haha. But on Saturday we got a call from the Hermano, he said they don't want to talk to us anymore. So we were bummed. And then we got over it and said what you can't lose us that easily! So we went over last night and it was perfect. The hermana was just getting home, so she let us in. Julia was home! And the Hermano was just waking up from his siestA. We had an AWESOME lesson about testimonies and the Book of Mormon and church, and I dunno it was just really good. taught me a lot about not giving up and being persistent;) so we're re-excited about them (: 

We had Zone meeting this week and got new iPads. Funny story, we were 2.5 hours late to the meeting so we came got the iPads and left. It was so sad! We had an emergency with one of the members, Pues when the going gets rough... Haha we ended the day with a nice lunch at Chuy's, a tex mex place with the English sisters we live with. Soo yummy and fun. Then we started getting ready for the BAPTISM OF JHONNY. we got the program's done and then he had his interview, all went sooo perfectly. I know this is His work, and He is helping us every step of the way. We could not do this alone, we do not see miracles because of magic, GOD IS REAL. 
Now Jhonnys baptism!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Kilgore gave a talk on baptism, and I gave a talk on the Holy Spirit. It was such a sweet service, he was soooo happy! 
He told us some amazing things. At first, on Wednesday when we went over prophets with the bishop, he was saying is he never planned on becoming a member, he just wanted to learn. Even trough all his doubts, when we questioned him and tried to help, he's like:it just makes sense! I've seen him change so much-having this experience with him has been a huge testimony builder of yes this gospel really does change lives. And changes them HARD.
The best part was when he said, I'd been praying to God that if it wasn't right, that he'd put an obstacle in my way. Even when I got in my white clothes I prayed. And NO OBSTACLE CAME. That also was a testimony to me that is really is His church, and this is the right way, and the only way to truly have eternal life and happiness :) I'm so happy for jhonny!!! On Sunday he was confirmed, and he just was sooo happy and felt so good!:) I'm so glad to have been able to walk with him a little bit through his experience :) 

Fun facts:
*One time we were at the gas station and I thought I was getting hot chocolate buuuuttt I got Coffee!! HAHAH lol @my word of wisdom.
*This ones for spencer-U2. So apparently U2 was downloaded on all the iPads, and it went off playing during church!!! QUE?! It was so embarrassing, I thought somehow in some crazy way you did that...haha. It's fixed now ;)
*i was saying the prayer last night in a lesson, and then all the sudden LOUD MEXICAN MUSIC STARTS PLAYING IN THE SPEAKERS and I thought I was being shot at.  that's all.

I Love my mission, I am so grateful to be here!
Have a good week YALL:)

Hermana Eastwood 
Here's a fun city pic :):)

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