Monday, March 16, 2015

March 9, 2015

This week was GREAT I hope I can write a semi decent email about it.
On Tuesday we had exchanges! I went to the english area (yikes!!) with sister oldroyd, we served by each other for 4 months in murfreesboro! I love her sooo much, I learned a lot from her. We had such a party on our exchange-sleepovers for days! I always get nervous for exchanges, but they always end up being AMAZINGly great. 
On Wednesday we had district meeting-great as usual. Then after, all the sisters went out for PAPUSAS!!!!!! :) it was sooo fun-and pouring rain made it even better :)
On Thursday we got snowed in, so we had a nice Skype lesson with Jhonny!!! Thank goodness for ipads and wifi and stuff :) he's going to get baptized this Saturday! We are sooo excited!! He's having a bit of a struggle with prophets-he loves the Book of Mormon, the church, he wants to get baptized so bad, he's fine with everything juuussttt prophets are a struggle. I've been studying a lot about the restoration and joseph smith and it was cool to be able to share what I've been learning, and to try to help him pray sincerely. We are meeting with him tonight, we're so excited and hope all goes well! We know to put our trust in the lord and his time :)
Saturday we had SPANISH CONFERENCE!!!!!!:) SO FUN. There's about 35-40 spanish missionaries in this mission-I am so grateful to be one of those. I absolutely love my calling, I come home every day just so happy to be apart of this work! To be able to get to know these wonderful people, and learn from them. 
I was able to see all my spanish friends and just have a really good day!!:) we learned a lot about things specifically related to our work-and how we can improve and what more we can do! I'm so happy to be here :) 
Pues hasta luego!!!:)

spanish missionaries 
Happy 'bump' day!:) ... I'm still a dork.

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