Thursday, March 26, 2015

What a great week!!!!!!! It went by so fast! 
First of all we were able to go to the temple! It was amazing, I am sooo thankful. :) I felt the spirit so strongly, and I just know that this is happiness. We have Gods priesthood power on the earth, we will be with our families for E V E R. how merciful is our Heavenly Father? I am so grateful for his gospel, and the time I have to serve him and share his word.

On Saturday we had a ward actividad, we did a little 'Hispanic' hike, (aka walking around the park) haha and taught about the plan of salvation and how we need to depend on our families for strength and support. :) then we played kickball! It was the funnest.

Apparently, Saturday mornings president calls for special assignments for next transfer.
 I completely forgot.. Around 12 we look at the phone and see he's called 4 TIMES!!!! 
(..sorry President.) I've been asked to train a Brand new missionary!!!!  It came as a huge shock, I thought Hna Kilgore and I were staying together for sure. She's leaving me): I'm sad for that, I'm really grateful for the transfer we've had together, I've learned so much from her. We've both grown a lot, and we're best friends, I will miss her so bad! 
but I am really excited for my new Hermana!!! It's going to be so fun to introduce her to missionary life :):) 

Remember julia, kedwin and  doroni? I emailed about them last week I think. We had a nother AWESOME lesson with them last night. Doroni is changing a lot, at first he would just sit silently and laugh..then he read...then he said he wants to come to church...then he accepted a Book of he's coming to a noche de hogar tonight with the ward! I am so excited! 

Well, Here's to a new week, a new transfer and a new missionary!!!!!:)
Les quiero mucho,
Hermana Eastwood 

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