Monday, March 2, 2015

Mission Conference Week

This week We had a mission conference this week, it was sooo fun to be able to see all my friends! I'm so grateful our service has brought me to know so many wonderful elders and sisters! I love my tennessee nashville mission family!!:) 
At the conference, we had trainings by elder Schwitzer from the quorum of the seventy, and brother Gonzalez and they were really cool! It was mostly focused on online missionary work and stuff like that, but they can be applied to all phases of the work, even for when we go back home and are member missionaries :)
I loved an example he gave, about MATH, what!? He was talking about exponential and linear growth. Anndddd I was so lost, untill he related it to missionaries haha 
I learned that yes it's definitely so important for us as missionaries to gain our own testimonies and to develop spiritually, and how that is linear growth. It's good.
It's better to have exponential growth, when we study, we should be studying with our investigators in mind wanting to help them in every aspect. 
Sometimes I have things I want to study personally things I want to learn, but I've noticed as I keep my mind focused on who I am here for, I learn a lot more and I grow a lot more from studying for them, And as we do that, as we use our time to serve and help the needs of others, we grow as well. Exponentially:)
We have been working with jhonny, he's going to get baptized on the 14th, it's been amazing to see him turn his life around and change so much! 
I just really know God loves every single one of us :)
This week was a super test of faith for us, we had so many cancelled appointments, which is normal, but we just kept being diligent and doing our best! Being obedient, and trying, and praying for guidance. I know God always listens, and helps us learn and grow. I know he always gives us what we need, and he sends little angels around when we need them :) This cute investigator couple we have, Pedro y Jeny, surprised us and came over and brought us chips and salsa / queso and fruit salad and orange juice. It was sooo sweet, we about cried because we had had a hard day haha. 
It was so sweet, it was snowing a little bit and cute little Jeny said HERES SANTA. Little tender mercy :) 
Also we heart attacked the door of the sisters we live with! It was so fun. #hermanasforlife

It's starting to get warmer! I'm actually sitting out side in the sun writing this email :) some things don't change haha. I am grateful I have this time to serve, and I am excited to see what is in store for this week!:) 
Love yall!!
Hermana Eastwood 

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